USC Commencement speech

Rucker gives a speech at the 2013 Spring Commencement at the University of South Carolina. He receives an honorary degree of doctor of music, due to his contributions to Country music. I love the University of South Carolina. If it wasn’t for that place I would have never met the guys, it would have never […]

Releases TV blooper reel

Bryan posts a video to YouTube featuring various bloopers that have been filmed during the taping of his internet TV series, Luke Bryan TV. Hey I’m Luke Bryan and this video…ergh…

Darius Rucker born in Charleston, South Carolina

Darius Rucker is born in Charleston, South Carolina. His mother, Carolyn, looks after him and his siblings, due to the fact that his father is never really around. At one point in his life, he lives in a three-bedroom home with 14 brothers, sisters and cousins, a couple of aunts, his mother and his maternal grandmother. […]

Possible criminal investigation

The Justice Department receives requests to open a criminal investigation regarding into whether classified material was improperly shared on the former secretary of state’s account. A memo sent Thursday to lawmakers from the intelligence community’s IG repeats the claim, saying emails they reviewed contained classified information even though they weren’t marked as such. a spokesperson says they raised […]