Threatens White House nuclear strike

A top North Korean military official threatens a nuclear strike on the White House and Pentagon for what he claims is the United State’s continued meddling in military affairs on the Korean Peninsula. If the US imperialists threaten our sovereignty and survival… our troops will fire our nuclear-armed rockets at the White House and the Pentagon.

Still training

Tebow is still training for the NFL despite not being on a team.  The ex college and former NFL star is back in L.A. to train for NFL tryouts this fall.  His regimen will focus on his throwing motion which dispels any rumors that the quarterback will change positions. I will remain in relentless pursuit of […]

Waitress posts no-tip receipt

A waitress posts Sapp’s credit card receipt online after the ex NFL player did not tip her.  The waitress is not facing criminal liability at this point, but the restaurant in question will punish her. It is unclear whether the waitress will be terminated for her actions.  According to management: Regardless, famous or not [the bill] […]

Cleveland chosen

The Republican National Committee (RNC) goes with Cleveland over Dallas to hold the 2016 Republican Convention.  The RNC will verify the pick in early August. Ohio is a critical battle ground state for the GOP as no Republican has ever won the presidency without winning Ohio. Cleveland will pay $60 million to help pay for […]

North Korea fires missiles

North Korea fires missiles off of Korean Peninsula coast.  No damage or injuries occurred from the blast that landed in the ocean.  Japanese Prime Minister Abe is investigating the act of aggression and is considering an official protest to North Korean government.  One Japanese official says: The projectiles, assumed to be short-range ballistic missiles, flew more […]