Condemns religion article

Sprouse condemns a Vice magazine article that suggests his Asatru religion harbors racist and criminal members. Oh gee look, another hypocritically xenophobic Odinism article demonizes its members with gang claims.

Wins diving title

Boudia and Johnson win the men’s synchronized ten meter national title at the inaugural USA Diving Synchronized National Championships. At the meet, Boudia and Johnson earn 950.46 points with a inward dive pike, reverse three and a half tuck, and an inward three and a half tuck. It is a really fun atmosphere to be in with all these people who love the […]

Derailment evacuation ends

South Carolina say an evacuation order has been lifted for all but four homes following a 39-car train derailment in rural South Carolina. Investigators with the NTSB and Norfolk Southern do not know the cause of the 39-car train derailment and offer no additional details. Aiken County Hazmat officials have detected no harmful spills at the scene even though […]