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15 Aug, 2016

33 killed in bus crash

mountainous site of a bus crash in NepalAt least 33 people are killed when a passenger bus skids off the road and falls more than 300 metres down a hill in Nepal. More than 35 passengers were injured. Official:

Bodies are scattered all over the sloppy hill, so security personnel are having difficulties collecting bodies and rescuing the victims. It is a narrow, gravel road. We are looking into the possibility of overcrowding of the bus being the cause of accident. We can come to a final conclusion only after the investigation is over.
23 Jan, 2016

43 drown off Greek coast

At least 43 migrants drown when their wooden sailboat capsizes on the voyage from Turkey to Europe. 17 of the dead are children. Greek Coast Guard officials are unclear as to why the boat sank off the coast of Kalymnos, but say that winds were strong at the time. Fishing vessels take part in search and rescue operations. One local fisherman, Michalis, seemed shocked by the migrants’ equipment.

They weren’t wearing life jackets. I don’t believe it. They couldn’t swim. The hospital is now full of dead people.

17 Sep, 2015

170 die in tanker blast

At least 170 people are killed killed and at least 50 people are injured after an oil tanker explodes close to the western border state some 250 km (155 miles) away from the capital. After the tanker veered off the road and overturned, local residents were siphoning off the fuel when the vehicle exploded. It is suspected that a cigarette might have sparked the explosion. Local hospitals have been overwhelmed, and state officials have appealed to the Red Cross and the UN for help. Doctors and medical staff are flying in from across the country to help with the emergency.

9 Sep, 2015

Plane catches fire

A fire breaks out at the Las Vegas airport on Flight 2276 heading for Gatwick Airport in London. 14 people are transported for medical care for minor injuries. One of the injured says the plane was getting ready to take off when he heard a big thud. He lifted the window shade and saw flames on the engine. The plane stopped and the captain told the passengers there was an emergency and they needed to evacuate. When one of the emergency doors opened, smoke poured in. Flight attendants directed passengers to safety. The Federal Aviation Administration says the aircraft’s left engine caught fire, prompting the crew to abort the take-off. The flight had 159 passengers and 13 crew members aboard.

24 Jul, 2015

Missing at sea

Cohen and Stephanos are last seen on a 19-foot, single-engine vessel, refueling near Jupiter, Florida. A $100,000 reward is offered for their rescue. Coast Guard:

It’s relatively warm, but, again, it’s a dangerous environment, and there’s only so long you could stay in the water.

3 Jul, 2015

66 passengers rescued

Firefighters rescue 66 people from The Eye after it wheel stops working due to a computer malfunction. Passengers are stuck for three hours while park officials revert to a backup generator that slowly moves the ride’s gondolas to the platform, two at a time. Rescuers then climb in through hatches at the top of each gondola, using a special tool to open the doors and help the passengers escape. There are no injuries.

2 Jul, 2015

Ferry capsizes

36 people die after a boat capsizes near the central Philippines. The 27 meter boat is carrying 173 passengers and had just left the shore when it capsizes in high winds. Red Cross staff are on the pier in Ormoc assisting those who make it back to shore with blankets and meals.

12 May, 2015

Train derails, kills seven

Train 188, a Northeast Regional, carrying 238 passengers and five crew members and heading to New York City from Washington D.C., derails and tips over in Philadelphia killing seven people. The front of the train is going into a turn at Frankford Junction in Port Richmond, when it started to shake before coming to a sudden stop. Dozens of passengers are injured, and some climbed out of windows to get away. Witness:

The train started to decelerate, like someone had slammed the brake. Then suddenly you could see everything starting to shake. You could see people’s stuff flying over me.

Rail service on the Northeast Corridor between New York and Philadelphia has been stopped. The NTSB says it is gathering information about the derailment and will launch an investigative team.

3 May, 2015

Boat sinks

Boat carrying an estimated 137 migrants sinks south of Sicily. Survivors say that up to 40 people fell into the sea. Save the Children’s representative:

They [survivors] said there were 137 people aboard an inflatable boat that deflated or exploded – it wasn’t clear – and that some of them fell overboard.

26 Apr, 2015

Four missing, one dead

At least four are missing and one is dead in Alabama after several boats capsize in a storm during the Dauphin Island Regatta. The search for survivors continues. Officials:

It’s been a very tragic day. We’ve had a lot of breakage, missing people, fatalities. Apparently there were a number of vessels that became distressed, either capsized or what have you. They were scattered anywhere from Dauphin Island Bridge all the way out into Mobile Bay and across to Fort Morgan. It was a wide area.

19 Apr, 2015

Boat capsizes

A boat carrying more than 700 migrants capsizes near Libyan waters. Italian ships, the Maltese Navy and commercial vessels involved in the rescue operation. Twenty eight people have been rescued. Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat:

Rescuers are literally trying to find people alive among the dead floating in the water…If confirmed, it would be the biggest migrant tragedy to have taken place in the Mediterranean in recent times.

16 Apr, 2015

Tour bus fire

The band’s tour bus catches fire  on the way from Nashville to the Academy of Country Music Awards in Dallas. No injuries are reported, as everyone was able evacuate safely. Scott:

Hey guys, we had a crazy morning on the way to Dallas today. Our bus tire caught on fire and we had to evacuate very quickly. EVERYONE IS SAFE AND SOUND. It was me, my husband, our tour manager, and driver. Thanking God for our safety and the safety of all of those who helped put this fire out and keep us safe. Love you all!!!! ~hillary”

11 Apr, 2015

Derailment evacuation ends

South Carolina say an evacuation order has been lifted for all but four homes following a 39-car train derailment in rural South Carolina. Investigators with the NTSB and Norfolk Southern do not know the cause of the 39-car train derailment and offer no additional details. Aiken County Hazmat officials have detected no harmful spills at the scene even though one of the Norfolk Southern tankers carries anhydrous ammonia and another ammonia nitrate, or dry fertilizer.

15 Feb, 2015

Ferry sinks

Death Count

A river ferry sinks after being hit by a cargo vessel in Bangladesh. The ferry held up to 140 passengers, killing at least 48. It is undetermined how many passengers might still be missing. Survivor:

The passengers who were on the deck have survived, but many who were inside got trapped.