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Orders airstrikes

President Obama issues military airstrikes in Iraq, against ISIS. In a televised speech Obama threatened to renew U.S. military involvement and announced that U.S. military planes already had carried out airdrops of food and water, at the request of the Iraqi government, to tens of thousands of Iraqi religious minorities atop a mountain surrounded by ISIS. Earlier this week, one Iraqi […]

Questioning begins

Bergdahl is questioned by the Army about the events surrounding leaving his post, which led to him being taken prisoner by the Taliban. No reports on what kind of questions or the answers Bergdahl gave at the time. Army spokesperson: This in an ongoing investigation; the investigating officer has 60 days from his appointment to conclude his investigation; however, he can […]

Doctor arrives in US

Brantly, one of the American victims of the Ebola Virus, is now receiving treatment at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta. Brantly is the first ever patient to receive treatment for Ebola in the United States. Every precaution being taken in the care of the doctor who remains in isolation. His wife, Amber: It was a relief […]

Retains attorney

Bergdhal retains attorney Eugene Fidell as representation in the ongoing investigation into whether he is guilty of deserting his post in Afghanistan.  A lawyer and lecturer at Yale University, Fidell will be representing Bergdhall pro bono. When asked about taking on Bergdhal’s case and not being paid for it, Fidell says, Lawyers have a professional […]

Microchip Contraceptive

MicroCHIPS releases a microchip form of birth control.  A small chip implanted into a woman’s skin then a remote control monitors the amount of hormone it releases into the body. The new technology could be ready for market by 2018.  If the small chip proves successful, the company plans to implement more microchips to treat conditions such […]