Sierra Leone locks down

Sierra Leone declares a 4-day lockdown from the 18th to the 21st of September 2014. This is in a bid to tackle the Ebola outbreak in the country. The aim of the move is to allow health care workers to isolate new cases and prevent the disease from spreading further. Health workers will be given […]

Long term truce agreed

A long term truce is agreed between Israel and the Palestinian Militants. It has ended seven weeks of fighting and came through as both sides continued to trade fire. The truce, brokered by Egypt begins at 19:00 local time or 16:00 (GMT). Moussa Abu Marzouk the Hamas deputy political leader said the deal represents a victory […]

Fresh talks urged

Abbas calls on Hamas and Israel to attend fresh talks in Egypt. The previous brokered truce collapsed on Tuesday. Over 2,090 Palestinians and 67 Israelis have been killed in recent weeks. Israel says that over 525 rockets have been fired into Israel from Gaza since the latest ceasefire ended, with 69 of them being intercepted by […]

Hiding patients illegal

Sierra Leone has voted to pass an amendment to its Health Act whereby people caught hiding Ebola patients could face possible jail time of up to two years. The amendment still needs to go for presidential approval. The country has been hit hard by the current outbreak with at least 392 deaths and 910 cases […]

Nigeria: State of Emergency

Nigeria declares a State of Emergency after seven cases of Ebola are confirmed in the country after a man arriving from Liberia fell sick. Two of the confirmed cases die while several people who have come into contact with the man are under surveillance.

Kenya to close borders

Kenya will be closing its borders on Wednesday August 20 to people travelling from Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia due to the spread of the virus. Kenya is at high risk as it is a major transport hub. Kenya’s health secretary said Kenyans and medical workers flying in from those states would still be allowed […]

23 Victims Identified

The Dutch-led forensic team working on the remains of those aboard Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 says it has identified 23 victims so far: 18 Dutch, two Malaysians, a Canadian, a German and a Briton. The Justice Ministry has said that all affected families have been notified.

Judgement date set

After the prosecution and defense end their final arguments Judge Thokozile Masipa announces she will give a verdict on 11 September 2014.

Black box tape ‘unintelligible’

French investigators say the cockpit voice recorder from the flight is damaged and unintelligible, and that their team is unable to extract information from one of the two black boxes found in the wreckage. The device seemed to be recording but we don’t yet know why it did not work, except that this was not a result […]

Trial drug use sparks controversy

The World Health Organisation announces it is convening a special meeting next week to explore using experimental drugs in the West African outbreak, after two health workers from the US charity Samaritan’s Purse are treated with a drug called ZMapp. The decision to use an experimental drug to treat two Americans infected with Ebola, while nearly 1 […]

Lovechild claim

Onica Mothoa (66) claims to be Mandela’s lovechild. Mothoa alleges Mandela had the affair while he was married to his first wife, Evelyn Mase. She also claims to have been rejected by the Mandela Family, however Nelson Mandela’s grandson, Mandla Mandela has said that Onica Mothoa has not yet requested help from him. Maybe she has […]

South Africa: 1 death

A 5.5 magnitude earthquake hits in South Africa with its epicenter close to Johannesburg, South Africa. One person is reported to have died. The quake was felt as far a field as Durban, Zimbabwe and Swaziland.