Jeantel graduates high school

 Jeantel, the witness in the Trayvon Martin case, graduates from high school in Miami. Jeantel says that she is proud of herself for keeping her promise to Trayvon Martin by graduating and receiving a high school diploma. She is also proud that Trayvon Martin’s mother is in attendance. I did it. The witness who didn’t […]

House burglarized again

Cyrus’ assistant notices that the star’s home has been burglarized. When police arrive at the San Fernando Valley home, the assistant informs them that there are several items missing from the home, including jewelry and a 2014 Maserati. The investigation reveals that two people jumped over the fence to gain entry into Cyrus’ home. if it […]

Dies in Texas

Davis dies at age 88. Her death occurs after a fall at her home in Texas, where she hits her head shortly after entering the bathroom. After the fall, she never regains consciousness due to a subdural hematoma. What you see on ‘The Brady Bunch’ was who she was, said Bishop Frey.

N-word video and apology

Video surfaces of Bieber making racial jokes and using the N-word when he was aged 15. The jokes are made during outtakes of his “Never Say Never” video. In the video, Bieber asks why Blacks are afraid of chainsaws, and then follows that question with: Run, n***er, n***er, n***er, n***er! Bieber quickly apologizes for his […]

Affair with Puff Daddy


Lopez has an affair with rapper Puff Daddy aka ‘Sean ‘Puffy’ Combs. Lopez is still married to Ojani Noa and Combs is in a relationship with pregnant girlfriend Kim Porter. The relationship is highly publicized. Lopez has a hard time adjusting to Puff Daddy’s hip hop world, though he considers them the power couple. It was the […]

Almost runs over paparazzi

Kardashian almost runs over the paparazzi as he exits an L.A. Gym. Shortly before the incident, photographers block the exit as they wait for him to appear. The photographers don’t move at first, but once it is apparent that Rob is driving at full speed, without a break, the photographers quickly clear the way. No one is […]

Video: ‘First Love’ featuring David Gandy

Lopez releases a music video (link) for First Love with model David Gandy on Entertainment Tonight.  The black-and-white video is directed by Anthony Mandler. Lopez and Gandy engage in several passionate embraces throughout the video, leading news media and fans to describe it as “steamy” and “hot.” Lopez says of shooting in the Mohave Desert: It feels like we’re in a hurricane or something…The […]

Murders three roommates

Rodger kills his two roommates, Cheng Yuan Hong and George Chen, and a visitor, Weihan Wong, in their shared apartment in Isla Vista, California, near the campus of the University of California at Santa Barbara. One news report later claims Rodger uses machetes and a hammer, not a knife, to kill the three men. Sheriff Bill Brown […]

E-mails manifesto; blames women

Before beginning his murder spree, Rodger e-mails a 140-page manifesto, titled “My Twisted Life,” to local TV station KYET and to over a dozen, family friends and relatives. In the manuscript, Rodger blames women for the actions he soon carries out — “all because the females of the human species were incapable of seeing the […]