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16 Jun, 2014

Fathers meet

Rodger’s father and the father of victim, Christopher Martinez, meet. Details of their meeting and location is kept private. The fathers plan to team up and continue the fight for gun control:

We are crying out in pain for the victims and their families. It breaks our hearts on a level that we didn’t think was possible. It is now our responsibility to do everything we can to help avoid this happening to any other family.

12 Jun, 2014

Candle theft 911 call

Rogers calls 911 call and makes a police report  to report that his roommate, Cheng Yuan Houng, stole his candles from his bedroom. The police arrest the roommate and charge him with theft for a value of $22.

28 May, 2014

State gun laws proposed

Two California Assembly members propose new gun restrictions in the wake of the Rodger massacre. One would create a “gun violence restraining order” that could be imposed by a judge and enforced by police officers if requested by family members or friends. The current law only prohibits gun ownership if someone has been involuntarily committed for mental health treatment. Assembly member Nancy Skinner (D-Berkeley) explains,

When someone is in crisis, the people closest to them are often the first to spot the warning signs, but almost nothing can now be done to get back their guns or prevent them from buying more.

Another proposal would require authorities, if summoned to check on a mentally disturbed person, to check on whether that person has recently bought firearms.

27 May, 2014

Victims father criticizes politicians, NRA

Richard Martinez criticizes politicians and guns-rights organizations such as the NRA who he claims are blocking legislation that would restrict the sale of firearms:

Where is the leadership? Where is the friggin’ politicians that will stand up and say, ‘We need to do this. We’re gonna do something.’ Those gutless bastards did nothing. And my son died because of it. And it’s outrageous. Absolutely outrageous…They talk about gun rights. What about Chris’ right to live?

26 May, 2014

‘Joe the Plumber’ attacks victims’ parents

Makes Statement

Samuel Wurzelbacher, who rose to fame as the conservative spokesperson “Joe the Plumber,” issues an “open letter” to Richard Martinez and the other parents of the Isla Vista massacre. After a brief expression of sympathy, Wurzelbacher tells the parents:

Your dead kids don’t trump my Constitutional rights.

He then attacks Martinez for becoming a “tool” of the “gun-grab” movement:

[T]he words and images of Mr. Martinez blaming ‘the proliferation of guns’, lobbyists, politicians, etc.; will be exploited by gun-grab extremists as are all tragedies involving gun violence and the mentally ill by the anti-Second Amendment Left.

Wurzelbacher goes on to claim that Rodger was almost certainly “an Obama voter,” and concludes:

I cannot begin to imagine the pain you are going through, having had your child taken away from you. However, any feelings you have toward my rights being taken away from me, lose those.

Resigns over offensive comments


Rap Genius co-founder Moghadam resigns after posting a series of annotations on the site’s copy of Roger’s 41-page manifesto. Moghadam comments include “beautifully written” and comments about Rodger’s sister:

Elliot barely mentions his sister Georgia throughout the book! Towards the end, however, he tells us that they did not get along and becomes extremely angry when he hears her having sex with her boyfriend MY GUESS: his sister is smokin hot

He tells Valleywag:

I was fascinated by the fact that a text was associated with such a heartbreaking crime, especially since Elliot is talking about my neighborhood growing up. I got carried away with making the annotations and making any comment about his sister was in horrible taste, thankfully the rap genius community edits out my poor judgement, I am very sorry for writing it

And apologizes on Twitter

I want to apologize to everyone. I need to hear these criticisms, reflect for real, and work on becoming a better person.

Rap Genius CEO Lehman issues a statement:

However, Mahbod Moghadam, one of my co-founders, annotated the piece with annotations that not only didn’t attempt to enhance anyone’s understanding of the text, but went beyond that into gleeful insensitivity and misogyny. All of which is contrary to everything we’re trying to accomplish at Rap Genius.

25 May, 2014

Friends recall lonely social outcast

Rodger’s friends describe him as a lonely social outcast fixated on blaming women for his problems and reluctant to accept advice. Andi Chan recalls:

Me and my friends tried to help him. He doesn’t like to talk or hang out.

Rodger frequently expressed his desire to dominate or even kill people, Chan recalls:

We all thought he was insane but we were used to it. Maybe in his mind he really wanted to do that.

High school classmate Patrick Connors says Rodger was always treated as an “oddball,” and was often the target of mockery and practical jokes:

We said right from the get-go that that kid was going to lose it someday and just freak out. Everyone made fun of him and stuff.

#YesAllWomen misogyny hashtag hits million uses

The Twitter hashtag #YesAllWomen is used over a million times as a response to the Isla Vista massacre to highlight misogyny in society. The tag originated on May 24 in a Twitter conversation involving writer Annie Cardi (@anniecardi) and another woman who has since changed her account to private to protect her identity. Rachel Sklar, founder of, says to CNN:

There was a familiarity in that language that really hit home for a lot of women who live with this implicit threat of danger all the time. There is just an extra layer of danger implicit in being a woman that this really taps into.

Daily Beast writer Olivia Nuzzi also tells CNN the issue is not about misandry, the hatred of men:

A lot of men feel like it is wrong to paint with a broad brush, and they don’t want to be associated with this lunatic who did this mass killing. But this is a big issue. This boy was a product of this culture. And I think to talk about the culture is not misandry, it’s not wrong and we do need to talk about it. If we want to know how to end this kind of violence we need to address the culture that created this kind of violence.

24 May, 2014

Family offers condolences

Attorney Alan Shifman, representing the Rodger family, says Elliot’s father Peter Rodger believes his son is the shooter. (At this time, Elliot Rodger has not been publicly identified as the killer) Shifman says the family is staunchly against gun ownership, and they do not know how Rodger obtained his weapons:

The Rodger family offers their deepest compassion and sympathy to the families involved in this terrible tragedy. We are experiencing the most inconceivable pain, and our hearts go out to everybody involved…My client’s mission in life will be to try to prevent any such tragedies from ever happening again. This country, this world, needs to address mental illness and the ramifications from not recognizing these illnesses.

Sheriff: spree ‘work of a madman’

Santa Barbara County Sheriff Bill Brown says that Rodger’s knife- and gun-fueled killing spree is “the work of a madman” and says the videotape he posted the day before the massacre is a “particularly chilling one, in which he looks at the camera and talks about what he is about to do.” UCSB student Kyley Scarlet, who lost two sorority sisters to Rodger, says she is horrified by the video:

It’s hard thinking my actions, being part of a sorority, led him to do this. When I saw that video, I was shaking and crying.

Victim’s father blames lack of gun laws

Richard Martinez, whose son Christopher Michael-Martinez was killed in a delicatessen by Rodger, says in an interview that he holds politicians and gun-rights advocates responsible for the death of his son:

When will this insanity stop? … Too many have died. We should say to ourselves ‘not one more.’ … Chris died because of craven, irresponsible politicians and the NRA. They talk about gun rights, what about Chris’ right to live? When will this insanity stop?

Memorial service

Over a thousand students and community members gather to mourn the victims of Rodger’s shooting spree. The gathering begins at the center of the UCSB campus and moves to a nearby park. Chancellor Henry Yang says:

We know there are many more difficult days ahead of us. We will continued to draw strength and support from each other.

23 May, 2014

Eyewitnesses: police shot Rodger

Two eyewitnesses, both UCSB students, give a different story from the official police report that Rodger killed himself. Tyler Jordan says police officers shot Rodger:

The suspect looked like he jumped out of the car and was gunned down by IVFP.

Niklas Svennefiord says he saw the final exchange from his home, and corroborates Jordan’s story, adding:

I heard a couple gunfire shots — I thought they were fireworks — so I didn’t think about it, but I was pretty startled and then I heard a car hit into another car so I look up into my little window that’s in my shower and I see a guy try to flee and the cops shoot him.

Kills self after brief gun battle


Rodger fires at four sheriff’s deputies running across Little Acorn Park in response to the shootings. The deputies return fire, striking his car. Sheriff Bill Brown believes one of the bullets strikes Rodger in the left hip. However, Rodger continues driving, backtracking down Del Playa, where he hits another cyclist. The cyclist lands on Rodger’s windshield with such force that he caves in the windshield. Rodger loses control and crashes into several parked cars. Deputies rush to arrest him, and drag him from the car, but find him already dead with what Brown later calls an “apparent gunshot wound to the head.”

In total, Rodger kills seven people, including himself, and injures thirteen more. Deputies find three semi-automatic handguns in his car and 400 unspent rounds. All are later determined to have been purchased legally.

Fires at multiple targets, hits cyclist


Rodger, having already killed six poeple, drives off, firing at two people on the sidewalk and even driving on the wrong side of the road to try to shoot them. He then tries to shoot a woman on Del Playa Drive. He exchanges shots with a sheriff’s deputy before driving further down Del Playa, where he strikes a cyclist. Turning onto another road, he then shoots at several pedestrians, injuring three of them. UCSB student Brad Martin later says his girlfriend narrowly avoids being shot:

She is absolutely hysterical, and so she tells me that these guys pulled up and said ‘hey what’s up.’ She turned and looked and they had a gun and she wasn’t sure if it was a real gun or a fake gun or what type of gun it was. She said the next second he raised it up to her face … and she turned around and started running. That’s when she heard ‘bang bang bang’ right behind her as she was running, and she could feel the wind hitting her hair from the power of the gunshot from less than five feet away from the car.

(Martin is incorrect in stating that Rodger was not alone.) Bicyclist Nick Pasichuke later recalls being struck by Rodger’s car:

There was a guy driving a BMW. [H]e aimed his car at our group of friends and gunned it into us. I have two broken legs and need surgery. The police said I flew roughly 50 feet into a busy intersection. This is all so crazy.

Other witnesses later say that Rodger yells at his victims as he shoots at them.

Kills man in deli


Rodger goes inside a delicatessen near the Alpha Phi sorority house and guns down UCSB student Christopher Martinez, who dies of his wounds. Four police officers respond to the shooting, and see Rodger flee the scene in his BMW.

E-mails manifesto; blames women


Before beginning his murder spree, Rodger e-mails a 140-page manifesto, titled “My Twisted Life,” to local TV station KYET and to over a dozen, family friends and relatives. In the manuscript, Rodger blames women for the actions he soon carries out — “all because the females of the human species were incapable of seeing the value in me” — and describes himself as “the good guy.” He writes in part:

All of those beautiful girls I’ve desired so much in my life, but can never have because they despise and loathe me, I will destroy. All of those popular people who live hedonistic lives of pleasure, I will destroy, because they never accepted me as one of them. I will kill them all and make them suffer, just as they have made me suffer. It is only fair. Their behavior towards me has only earned my hatred, and rightfully so! I am the true victim in all of this. I am the good guy … Humanity struck at me first by condemning me to experience so much suffering. I didn’t ask for this. I didn’t want this. I didn’t start this war… I wasn’t the one who struck first… But I will finish it by striking back. I will punish everyone. And it will be beautiful.

Rodger goes into great detail about his experiences on “Men’s Rights Activism” (MRA) and Pick-Up Artist (PUA) Internet forums. He describes one such site as a

forum full of men who are starved of sex, just like me. Many of them have their own theories of what women are attracted to, and many of them share my hatred of women, though unlike me they would be too cowardly to act on it. Reading the posts on that website only confirmed many of the theories I had about how wicked and degenerate women really are.

He describes himself as an INCEL, or “involuntary celibate,” a term often used on MRA and PUA forums. Sex is evil, he writes, and women are depraved:

The fact that life itself exists through sex just proves that life is flawed. The act of sex gives human beings a tremendous amount of pleasure. Pleasure they don’t deserve. No one deserves to experience so much pleasure, especially since some humans get to experience it while some are denied it. … Women are incapable of having morals or thinking rationally. They are completely controlled by their depraved emotions and vile sexual impulses. Because of this, the men who do get to experience the pleasures of sex and the privilege of breeding are the men who women are sexually attracted to … the stupid, degenerate, obnoxious men … Women should not have the right to choose who to mate and breed with. That decision should be made for them by rational men of intelligence. If women continue to have rights, they will only hinder the advancement of the human race by breeding with degenerate men and creating stupid, degenerate offspring. This will cause humanity to become even more depraved with each generation. Women have more power in human society than they deserve, all because of sex. There is no creature more evil and depraved than the human female. (read the manifesto)

Kills two women


Rodger goes to the Alpha Phi sorority at UCSB, and reportedly bangs loudly on the door for several minutes. After no one answers the door, Rodger shoots three young women who are standing outside the sorority house. Two, Katherine Cooper, 22, and Veronika Weiss, 19, die; a third Bianca de Kock, 20,  is hit in the arm and chest.  She had seen Ridger smile at the girls from his black BMW before he pulled the trigger.

He wanted to do this, he looked happy about it.

Another student, Kyle Sullivan, hears the gunfire and ran towards the girls. He searches for a police officer and takes the officer to the scene, before laying down beside de Kock, comforting her, before she is taken to hospital.

Police receive the first of multiple 911 calls. Authorities later realize that Rodger’s original plan was to get inside the house and begin slaughtering its inhabitants.

Murders three roommates

Rodger kills his two roommates, Cheng Yuan Hong and George Chen, and a visitor, Weihan Wong, in their shared apartment in Isla Vista, California, near the campus of the University of California at Santa Barbara. One news report later claims Rodger uses machetes and a hammer, not a knife, to kill the three men. Sheriff Bill Brown later reports, “The three male victims appear to have been repeatedly stabbed.” In his manifesto, he explained why he wishes them dead:

These were the biggest nerds I had ever seen, and they were both very ugly with annoying voices. If they were pleasant to live with, I would regret having to kill them, but due to their behavior I now had no regrets about such a prospect. In fact, I’d even enjoy stabbing them both to death while they slept. After that, I will start luring people into my apartment, knock them out with a hammer, and slit their throats. I will torture some of the good looking people before I kill them, assuming that the good looking ones had the best sex lives. All of that pleasure they had in life, I will punish by bringing them pain and suffering. I have lived a life of pain and suffering, and it was time to bring that pain to people who actually deserve it.

Mother sees manifesto. Parents search for son

Rodger’s parents begin searching for him after his mother, Li Chin Rodger, receives his e-mailed manifesto. She first visits his YouTube page, where he often posts videos about himself, and views the video he has just posted describing his intent to carry out a massacre on the UCSB campus. She alerts his father, her ex-husband Peter, and the two drive separately to Santa Barbara to search for him. They are unable to find him.

Why do girls hate me so much?

Rodger reuploads a video he had made previously:

This video is a reupload. I had to take the last one down because it gained too much negative attention. I’ll keep uploading it until I get at least one honest answer from an actual girl.

Why do girls hate me so much?

22 May, 2014

Video promises ‘slaughter’ of ‘all’ women

Rodger records a seven-minute YouTube video from inside his car. In the video, which he titles “Retribution,” Rodger complains that he is lonely and frustrated because he is a 22-year old virgin, and has been frustrated in his quest to dominate women since puberty. It will be a “day of retribution,” he says:

Tomorrow is the day of retribution, the day in which I will have my revenge against humanity, against all of you…All you popular kids, you’ve never accepted me, and now you will all pay for it. And girls, all I ever wanted was to love you, and to be loved by you. I’ve wanted a girlfriend, I’ve wanted sex, I’ve wanted love, affection, adoration. You think I’m unworthy of it. That’s a crime that can never be forgiven. If I can’t have you, girls, I will destroy you. You denied me a happy life, and in turn, I will deny all of you life. It’s only fair. I hate all of you. Humanity is a disgusting, wretched, depraved species. If I had it in my power, I would stop at nothing to reduce every single one of you to mountains of skulls and rivers of blood. And rightfully so. You deserve to be annihilated and I’ll give that to you. You never showed me any mercy and so I will show you none. … I can’t wait to give you exactly what you deserve. Utter annihilation.

YouTube soon deletes the video, but CNN later posts a transcript of it. Other sources later repost the video. Family friend Shawn Astaire says of the video:

He was fundamentally withdrawn. The guy on the video was much more confident. That is a guy I never met.

Elliot Rodger's Retribution (Alleged Killers Video Threat)

30 Apr, 2014

Police question Rodger

Police visit Rodger at the request of his family, who became concerned after viewing YouTube videos he posted that, a lawyer later says, regard “suicide and the killing of people.” According to his mother, Rodger suffers from mental disabilities and is possibly capable of violence. However, police decide that while Rodger is shy and socially awkward, he is polite and well-spoken, and decide he does “not meet the criteria for an involuntary hold.” Rodger reassures the police officers that his parents misunderstood the situation, and they depart without incident and removes the videos from YouTube. Later, Rodger writes of his fear that his guns, and his plans for conducting a murder spree, had been discovered:

I had the striking and devastating fear that someone had somehow discovered what I was planning to do, and reported me for it. If that was the case, the police would have searched my room, found all of my guns and weapons, along with my writings about what I plan to do with them. I would have been thrown in jail, denied of the chance to exact revenge on my enemies. I can’t imagine a hell darker than that.

24 Apr, 2014

Head cold forces delay

Rodger plans on launching his killing spree on April 26, but two days before, he wakes up with a bad cold. He chooses to delay the massacre until May 24. He will later write:

It was as if fate itself was trying to stop me from doing it. But what other reason do I have for living? Alas, there was no way I could carry out my plans if I had a cold. Everything had to be perfect.

Aug 2013

Delays massacre until 2014

Because of his broken leg, Rodger delays his planned killing spree. He will write:

I made a new plan to set the ultimate and final date for the Day of Retribution to be at the end of the Spring of 2014. … The plan was to destroy the entirety of Isla Vista, and kill every single person in it, or at least kill as many popular young people I could before the police arrive and I’d have to kill myself.

Jul 2013

Tries to lose virginity, avoid ‘Retribution’

In what he will later call a “last ditch effort of desperation,” Rodger makes a final push towards convincing a woman to have sex with him. In a manifesto he later writes, he says that if he fails to do so, he will schedule a long-planned shooting spree to kill as many women as he can in revenge for his failure. He will write:

I spent a lot of time exercising in my room in a final effort to appear as attractive as possible to girls. I proposed that after two weeks of rigorous exercising, I will try my hardest to go out in Isla Vista and do everything I can to meet a girl and lose my virginity. … Before [I] would set the definite decision to plan the Day of Retribution, I wanted to give women and humanity one more chance to accept me and give me a chance to have a pleasurable youth. I resolved that if I go out to Isla Vista for this final time, and I still end up going back to my room as a lonely virgin, I will have no choice but to plan my Retribution.

The plans do not bear fruit: he goes to a party, tries to push a group of women off of a ten-foot ledge after, he will write, a “dark, hate-fueled rage overcame my entire being,” and instead falls himself (or is pushed) from the ledge and breaks his leg. He will write:

A whole group of the obnoxious brutes came up and dragged me onto their driveway, pushing and hitting me. I wanted to fight and kill them all. I managed to throw one punch toward the main attacker, but that only caused them to beat me even more. I fell to the ground where they started kicking me and punching me in the face.

Losing his virginity, he will write, “was the only thing that could have saved me. I was giving the female gender one last chance to provide me with the pleasures I deserved from them.”

May 2013


Rodger joins the Web forum He later describes it as “a forum full of men who are starved of sex, just like me.” He attempts to convince his parents to peruse the site::

to give them some sort dose of reality as to why I am so miserable. They never understood why I am so miserable. They have always had the delusion that everything is going well for me, especially my father.

PUAHate is a forum comprised mostly of “men’s rights activists” who have become disenchanted with the slick marketing and sales gimmicks of the PUA, or Pick-up Artists, contingent on the Internet. Some of his comments on the forum express racism, including one where he mocks an Asian man trying to date a white woman, and another where he says it is “rage-inducing” to see a “black guy chilling with 4 hot white girls.” In another message, Rodger, whose mother is Asian, later writes to an Asian member of the site:

Full Asian men are disgustingly ugly and white girls would never go for you. You’re just butthurt that you were born as an asian piece of shit … You even admit that you wish you were half white. You’ll never be half-white and you’ll never fulfill your dream of marrying a white woman. I suggest you jump off a bridge.

Chooses Isla Vista as site of massacre

Rodger chooses Isla Vista, California as the site of his planned massacre, tentatively scheduling it for a weekend night in November 2013. He later writes:

What better place is there to exact my Retribution on my enemies? Every time I walked around Isla Vista, trying to meet girls or fit in with popular kids, I’ve only been treated with disdain, as if I’m an inferior mouse. On the Day of Retribution, the tables will indeed turn, I mused to myself.

Dec 2012

Buys first of three handguns

Rodger buys his first handgun, a Glock 34 semiautomatic, which he calls “an efficient and highly accurate weapon.” He will write:

After I picked up the handgun, I brought it back to my room and felt a new sense of power. I was now armed.

He will buy two more guns in the following year, after he “began to seriously think about planning the Day of Retribution,” and will explain:

I needed to buy a third handgun, just in case one of them jams. I needed two working handguns at the same time, as that was how I planned to commit suicide; with two simultaneous shots to the head. I also needed to buy magazine clips and ammunition, as well as knives and carrying cases for my equipment.

Sep 2012

Begins handgun practice

Rodger begins practicing with handguns at an Oxnard, California shooting range. His plans to become extraordinarily wealthy and thus attract women by winning the lottery have not borne fruit, and his failure to win the lottery has driven him into a screaming rage. He is planning for what he calls his “Day of Retribution,” where he intends to shoot as many women as possible for the “crime” of refusing to have sex with him. He later writes:

I had the knowledge, in the back of my mind, that the Day of Retribution was very possible now. Going to the shooting range … gave me the perfect opportunity to gain some initial training in shooting guns, which will be the main weapons I use as vengeance against my enemies when the Day of Retribution ultimately comes to pass. … As I fired my first few rounds, I felt so sick to the stomach. I questioned my whole life, and I looked at the gun in front of me and asked myself ‘What am I doing here? How could things have led to this?’ I couldn’t believe my life was actually turning out this way. There I was, practicing shooting with real guns because I had a plan to carry out a massacre.

Jul 2012

Attacks college students

Rodger attacks “a group of popular college kids” playing kickball in an Isla Vista park. His weapon: a “super soaker” filled with orange juice. He later writes:

Rage boiled inside me as I watched those people who thought they were better than me enjoying their pleasurable little lives together. The rage was so intense that I couldn’t take it.

After attacking them, he will write, he is “giddy with ecstatic, hate-fueled excitement.”

I wished I could spray boiling oil at the foul beasts. They deserved to die horrible, painful deaths just for the crime of enjoying a better life than me.

Mar 2012

Plans on winning lottery

Rodger decides that he must become extraordinarily wealthy in order to attract female companionship. His plan is to win the Mega Millions lottery. Winning the lottery, he writes, is the only way to avoid his planned “Day of Retribution”:

If I could somehow become a multimillionaire at a young age, then my lifestyle would instantly become better than most people my age. I would be able to get revenge on my enemies just by living above them and lording over them. That was a form of happy, peaceful revenge, and it became my only hope.

Rodger believes that “the power of the law of attraction,” which he has learned from a book called The Secret, will help him win the jackpot.

Feb 2012

Drops out of college

Rodger drops out of all of his classes at Santa Barbara City College because, he will write, of “all of those beautiful girls I could never have.” He will write that his decision to leave college just solidifies his feelings…

…that the Day of Retribution was now very possible

Jan 2012

Throws coffee on young women

Rodger attacks two “hot blonde girls” by throwing a hot coffee on them at a bus stop in Isla Vista, after offending him by failing to smile at him when he smiles at them. He later writes:

How dare those girls snub me in such a fashion! How dare they insult me so! I raged to myself repeatedly. They deserved the punishment I gave them. It was such a pity that my latte wasn’t hot enough to burn them. Those girls deserved to be dumped in boiling water for the crime of not giving me the attention and adoration I so rightfully deserve!

Jul 2011

Attacks kissing couples

Rodger, now a wealthy college student, attacks two couples in separate incidents, apparently driven to fury by the sight of the young men and women being romantic. Rodger later writes of the encounters. During the first, he follows the couple to their car after seeing them “kissing passionately” at a local Starbucks, and throws his coffee on them. He runs away “in fear” when the male yells at him. He later writes:

I had never struck back at my enemies before, and I felt a small sense of spiteful gratification for doing so.

He realizes, he later writes, that he is “capable of killing them:”

I wanted to kill them slowly, to strip the skins off their flesh. They deserve it. The males deserve it for taking the females away from me, and the females deserve it for choosing those males instead of me.

Later in the month, he sees another kissing couple at a food court. The sight, he will write, make him “feel so inferior and worthless and small” that he followed them to their car and threw his iced tea on them. He later writes:

The hatred boiled inside me with burning vitriol.

24 Jul, 1991

Elliot Rodger born in London


Elliot Rodger is born in a London hospital to Peter Roger and Chin Lee. His father is a professional photographer, who becomes a film director. His paternal grandfather is George Rodger, a photojournalist who had taken famous WWII images. His mother was born in Malaysia, of Chinese descent. She moved to England when she was young and worked as a nurse on movie sets where, according to Rodger, she became friends with Stephen Spielberg, and dated George Lucas for a short time.

Rodger spent his early years in London and Sussex. The family moves to California when Rodger is five years old.

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