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Jul 2011

Attacks kissing couples


Rodger, now a wealthy college student, attacks two couples in separate incidents, apparently driven to fury by the sight of the young men and women being romantic. Rodger later writes of the encounters. During the first, he follows the couple to their car after seeing them “kissing passionately” at a local Starbucks, and throws his coffee on them. He runs away “in fear” when the male yells at him. He later writes:

I had never struck back at my enemies before, and I felt a small sense of spiteful gratification for doing so.

He realizes, he later writes, that he is “capable of killing them:”

I wanted to kill them slowly, to strip the skins off their flesh. They deserve it. The males deserve it for taking the females away from me, and the females deserve it for choosing those males instead of me.

Later in the month, he sees another kissing couple at a food court. The sight, he will write, make him “feel so inferior and worthless and small” that he followed them to their car and threw his iced tea on them. He later writes:

The hatred boiled inside me with burning vitriol.

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