Hannity: Bundy remarks ‘repugnant’

Fox News host Sean Hannity, once a vocal Bundy supporter, now accuses Bundy of making “repugnant” racist remarks, and says he is giving Democrats the opportunity to paint all Republicans as racist. Hannity describes himself as “pissed off” about Bundy’s remarks, and says: His comments are beyond repugnant to me. They are beyond despicable to […]

Bundy, Jones: standoff start of new revolution

Appearing on Jones’ radio show, Bundy says the government intends to “take him down,” but he will “do whatever it takes” to fight back. Jones says of the standoff: This could be how the shot heard round the world happens in this case or others that are happening. If they ever fire on innocent peaceful […]

US: plane likely crashed in ocean

The US Navy sends the USS Kidd, a destroyer, to the western portion of the Strait of Malacca; officials say they have “indications” that the plane may have crashed in that body of water. They say if the plane went down there, it was most likely crashed deliberately. This contradicts reports that says the plane […]

Relatives receive text: passengers lost

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib issues a statement saying that the flight crashed somewhere in the Indian Ocean and everyone on board must be presumed dead. Family members not at Najib’s press conference receive a text message from the airline: Malaysia Airlines deeply regrets that we have to assume beyond any reasonable doubt that MH370 has […]

Search involves over 110 air, sea vessels

The search reaches its maximum point with 62 ships, 46 planes and 10 satellites being either deployed or redirected. The nations involved include Australia, China, India, Malaysia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, the US, and Vietnam.

Chinese mall stops timer

A Beijing shopping mall stops displaying a timer on its outdoor LED screen display marking the time elapsed since authorities lost contact with the craft. The screen display also featured the image of an airplane.

Buys Skype majority

Andreessen Horowitz and other investors acquire a majority stake in the Internet communications client Skype for $2.75 billion, an investment many consider risky. Andreessen has called Skype one of the most important companies on the Internet. Two years later, Microsoft will acquire Skype for $8.5 billion.

#YesAllWomen misogyny hashtag hits million uses

The Twitter hashtag #YesAllWomen is used over a million times as a response to the Isla Vista massacre to highlight misogyny in society. The tag originated on May 24 in a Twitter conversation involving writer Annie Cardi (@anniecardi) and another woman who has since changed her account to private to protect her identity. Rachel Sklar, founder […]

Victims father criticizes politicians, NRA

Richard Martinez criticizes politicians and guns-rights organizations such as the NRA who he claims are blocking legislation that would restrict the sale of firearms: Where is the leadership? Where is the friggin’ politicians that will stand up and say, ‘We need to do this. We’re gonna do something.’ Those gutless bastards did nothing. And my son died […]

State gun laws proposed

Two California Assembly members propose new gun restrictions in the wake of the Rodger massacre. One would create a “gun violence restraining order” that could be imposed by a judge and enforced by police officers if requested by family members or friends. The current law only prohibits gun ownership if someone has been involuntarily committed […]

‘Joe the Plumber’ attacks victims’ parents

Samuel Wurzelbacher, who rose to fame as the conservative spokesperson “Joe the Plumber,” issues an “open letter” to Richard Martinez and the other parents of the Isla Vista massacre. After a brief expression of sympathy, Wurzelbacher tells the parents: Your dead kids don’t trump my Constitutional rights. He then attacks Martinez for becoming a “tool” […]

Friends recall lonely social outcast

Rodger’s friends describe him as a lonely social outcast fixated on blaming women for his problems and reluctant to accept advice. Andi Chan recalls: Me and my friends tried to help him. He doesn’t like to talk or hang out. Rodger frequently expressed his desire to dominate or even kill people, Chan recalls: We all […]

Memorial service

Over a thousand students and community members gather to mourn the victims of Rodger’s shooting spree. The gathering begins at the center of the UCSB campus and moves to a nearby park. Chancellor Henry Yang says: We know there are many more difficult days ahead of us. We will continued to draw strength and support […]

Family offers condolences

Attorney Alan Shifman, representing the Rodger family, says Elliot’s father Peter Rodger believes his son is the shooter. (At this time, Elliot Rodger has not been publicly identified as the killer) Shifman says the family is staunchly against gun ownership, and they do not know how Rodger obtained his weapons: The Rodger family offers their […]

Sheriff: spree ‘work of a madman’

Santa Barbara County Sheriff Bill Brown says that Rodger’s knife- and gun-fueled killing spree is “the work of a madman” and says the videotape he posted the day before the massacre is a “particularly chilling one, in which he looks at the camera and talks about what he is about to do.” UCSB student Kyley […]

Victim’s father blames lack of gun laws

Richard Martinez, whose son Christopher Michael-Martinez was killed in a delicatessen by Rodger, says in an interview that he holds politicians and gun-rights advocates responsible for the death of his son: When will this insanity stop? … Too many have died. We should say to ourselves ‘not one more.’ … Chris died because of craven, […]

Eyewitnesses: police shot Rodger

Two eyewitnesses, both UCSB students, give a different story from the official police report that Rodger killed himself. Tyler Jordan says police officers shot Rodger: The suspect looked like he jumped out of the car and was gunned down by IVFP. Niklas Svennefiord says he saw the final exchange from his home, and corroborates Jordan’s […]

Kills self after brief gun battle

Rodger fires at four sheriff’s deputies running across Little Acorn Park in response to the shootings. The deputies return fire, striking his car. Sheriff Bill Brown believes one of the bullets strikes Rodger in the left hip. However, Rodger continues driving, backtracking down Del Playa, where he hits another cyclist. The cyclist lands on Rodger’s […]

Fires at multiple targets, hits cyclist

Rodger, having already killed six poeple, drives off, firing at two people on the sidewalk and even driving on the wrong side of the road to try to shoot them. He then tries to shoot a woman on Del Playa Drive. He exchanges shots with a sheriff’s deputy before driving further down Del Playa, where […]

Kills man in deli

Rodger goes inside a delicatessen near the Alpha Phi sorority house and guns down UCSB student Christopher Martinez, who dies of his wounds. Four police officers respond to the shooting, and see Rodger flee the scene in his BMW.

Head cold forces delay

Rodger plans on launching his killing spree on April 26, but two days before, he wakes up with a bad cold. He chooses to delay the massacre until May 24. He will later write: It was as if fate itself was trying to stop me from doing it. But what other reason do I have […]

Police question Rodger

Police visit Rodger at the request of his family, who became concerned after viewing YouTube videos he posted that, a lawyer later says, regard “suicide and the killing of people.” According to his mother, Rodger suffers from mental disabilities and is possibly capable of violence. However, police decide that while Rodger is shy and socially […]

Kills two women

Rodger goes to the Alpha Phi sorority at UCSB, and reportedly bangs loudly on the door for several minutes. After no one answers the door, Rodger shoots three young women who are standing outside the sorority house. Two, Katherine Cooper, 22, and Veronika Weiss, 19, die; a third Bianca de Kock, 20,  is hit in the arm and chest. […]

Mother sees manifesto. Parents search for son

Rodger’s parents begin searching for him after his mother, Li Chin Rodger, receives his e-mailed manifesto. She first visits his YouTube page, where he often posts videos about himself, and views the video he has just posted describing his intent to carry out a massacre on the UCSB campus. She alerts his father, her ex-husband […]

Video promises ‘slaughter’ of ‘all’ women

Rodger records a seven-minute YouTube video from inside his car. In the video, which he titles “Retribution,” Rodger complains that he is lonely and frustrated because he is a 22-year old virgin, and has been frustrated in his quest to dominate women since puberty. It will be a “day of retribution,” he says: Tomorrow is […]

Attacks college students

Rodger attacks “a group of popular college kids” playing kickball in an Isla Vista park. His weapon: a “super soaker” filled with orange juice. He later writes: Rage boiled inside me as I watched those people who thought they were better than me enjoying their pleasurable little lives together. The rage was so intense that […]

Throws coffee on young women

Rodger attacks two “hot blonde girls” by throwing a hot coffee on them at a bus stop in Isla Vista, after offending him by failing to smile at him when he smiles at them. He later writes: How dare those girls snub me in such a fashion! How dare they insult me so! I raged […]

Plans on winning lottery

Rodger decides that he must become extraordinarily wealthy in order to attract female companionship. His plan is to win the Mega Millions lottery. Winning the lottery, he writes, is the only way to avoid his planned “Day of Retribution”: If I could somehow become a multimillionaire at a young age, then my lifestyle would instantly […]

Delays massacre until 2014

Because of his broken leg, Rodger delays his planned killing spree. He will write: I made a new plan to set the ultimate and final date for the Day of Retribution to be at the end of the Spring of 2014. … The plan was to destroy the entirety of Isla Vista, and kill every […]

Chooses Isla Vista as site of massacre

Rodger chooses Isla Vista, California as the site of his planned massacre, tentatively scheduling it for a weekend night in November 2013. He later writes: What better place is there to exact my Retribution on my enemies? Every time I walked around Isla Vista, trying to meet girls or fit in with popular kids, I’ve […]

Attacks kissing couples

Rodger, now a wealthy college student, attacks two couples in separate incidents, apparently driven to fury by the sight of the young men and women being romantic. Rodger later writes of the encounters. During the first, he follows the couple to their car after seeing them “kissing passionately” at a local Starbucks, and throws his […]

Drops out of college

Rodger drops out of all of his classes at Santa Barbara City College because, he will write, of “all of those beautiful girls I could never have.” He will write that his decision to leave college just solidifies his feelings… …that the Day of Retribution was now very possible

Tries to lose virginity, avoid ‘Retribution’

In what he will later call a “last ditch effort of desperation,” Rodger makes a final push towards convincing a woman to have sex with him. In a manifesto he later writes, he says that if he fails to do so, he will schedule a long-planned shooting spree to kill as many women as he […]

Buys first of three handguns

Rodger buys his first handgun, a Glock 34 semiautomatic, which he calls “an efficient and highly accurate weapon.” He will write: After I picked up the handgun, I brought it back to my room and felt a new sense of power. I was now armed. He will buy two more guns in the following year, […]

Joins PUAHate.com

Rodger joins the Web forum PUAHate.com. He later describes it as “a forum full of men who are starved of sex, just like me.” He attempts to convince his parents to peruse the site:: to give them some sort dose of reality as to why I am so miserable. They never understood why I am […]

Begins handgun practice

Rodger begins practicing with handguns at an Oxnard, California shooting range. His plans to become extraordinarily wealthy and thus attract women by winning the lottery have not borne fruit, and his failure to win the lottery has driven him into a screaming rage. He is planning for what he calls his “Day of Retribution,” where […]

Bundy: MLK would support me

Bundy says that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. would support him. He also compares himself to Rosa Parks, whom he repeatedly calls “Rosa Park:” What Reverend King wanted was that [Parks] could sit anywhere in the bus and nobody would say anything about it. You and I can sit anywhere in the bus. That’s what […]

Demands Sheriff investigate BLM

Ammon Bundy and other family members enter the Las Vegas Police headquarters to demand that Clark County Sheriff Doug Gillespie open an investigation into the BLM’s actions during the standoff: We want the sheriff of Clark County to investigate the federal government for its actions. Their jurisdiction is not in the county and they must […]

Bundy, others dispute ‘racist’ label

Bundy’s  “Bundy Ranch” account on Facebook, disputes the characterization of him as “racist:” There are new rumors going around about Cliven. We all know that with the media, words are taken out of context, meanings are twisted, and they can take anything and turn it into what they want it to be. Cliven is a […]

Dwindling Tea Party support

Many Tea Party organizations are backing away from their support of Bundy, as are most prominent Republican officials. They say that their opposition to the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”) does a better job of symbolizing their opposition to big government, and many of them are uncomfortable with Bundy’s narrative of a wealthy rancher who has […]

Controversy surrounds ‘overgrazing’ by wild horses

Wild horse advocates say the government is favoring ranchers like Bundy over the needs of wild horses, allowing ranchers to overgraze protected lands; ranchers and some others say the horses themselves are overgrazing the land. Advocate Bonnie Kohleriter says: Americans want wild horses on our public lands. You cattlemen and wildlife people are special interest […]

BLM not involved in Bundy deal

BLM spokesperson Craig Leff says that neither his agency nor the National Park Service were part of the deal that terminated the agency’s efforts to confiscate Bundy’s cattle: The BLM and National Park Service did not cut any deal and negotiate anything. There was no deal we made.

Local police worried about increasing tensions

Local law enforcement is increasingly concerned that the heightening tensions between the 150 or so federal agents and the several hundred militia supporters are escalating to a fever pitch. It is clear, they later say, that Bundy and the militia members are spoiling for a fight, and the heavy-handed presence of armed federal agents during […]

‘Overgrazing’ by wild horses

Wild horse advocates say the government is favoring ranchers like Bundy over the needs of wild horses, allowing ranchers to overgraze protected lands; ranchers and some others say the horses themselves are overgrazing the land. Advocate Bonnie Kohleriter says: Americans want wild horses on our public lands. You cattlemen and wildlife people are special interest […]

Official: Bundy acted within his rights

Barry Weller of the Apache County, Arizona Board of Supervisors says that Bundy’s actions are entirely within the law. Referring to a Nevada court case won by Wayne Hage, who argued that he had the right to graze his cows on federal land because it was within two miles of water sources he had developed, […]

Bundy critical of ‘domestic terrorist’ label

Bundy, giving an interview on Fox News, challenges Senator Harry Reid’s characterization of him and his family as “domestic terrorists.” Bundy says: Who is the domestic terrorist here? Did you see ‘we the people’ with guns or did you see the United States government with guns? Bundy recommends that Congress “pull Harry [Reid] in and […]

Bundy asks militia to come to ranch

Bundy issues personal requests for armed militia members to come to his ranch to defend him against the purported threat of federal authorities: YOU HAVE BEEN ASKING WHAT YOU CAN DO! AND NOW ITS TIME!!!!!! They have my cattle and now [they] have one of my boys. Range war begins tomorrow at Bundy ranch at […]

Militia leader: Feds plan to raid ranch

Militia leader and Bundy supporter Richard Mack tells radio host Ben Swann that his sources inside law enforcement tell him Federal authorities are planning an armed raid on the Bundy ranch and the homes of Bundy’s children: [The standdown] was a ploy to get people to back off, to get people out of the way. […]

Bundy: no deal made

Though the BLM reached a deal over the cattle with Bundy and local and state officials, Bundy claims that no deal was made: There is no deal here. The citizens of America and Clark County went and took their cattle. There was no negotiations. They took these cattle. They are in possession of these cattle […]

Bundy: No contract with United States

Glenn Beck, who also owns a ranch, asks Bundy if he is a “welfare rancher” because he is not paying fees other ranchers pay: I would pay my grazing fees to the proper government and I did try to pay my grazing fees to the proper government. I do not have a contract with the United States […]