Isla Vista ShootingMurder

Fires at multiple targets, hits cyclist

23 May, 2014

Rodger, having already killed six poeple, drives off, firing at two people on the sidewalk and even driving on the wrong side of the road to try to shoot them. He then tries to shoot a woman on Del Playa Drive. He exchanges shots with a sheriff’s deputy before driving further down Del Playa, where he strikes a cyclist. Turning onto another road, he then shoots at several pedestrians, injuring three of them. UCSB student Brad Martin later says his girlfriend narrowly avoids being shot:

She is absolutely hysterical, and so she tells me that these guys pulled up and said ‘hey what’s up.’ She turned and looked and they had a gun and she wasn’t sure if it was a real gun or a fake gun or what type of gun it was. She said the next second he raised it up to her face … and she turned around and started running. That’s when she heard ‘bang bang bang’ right behind her as she was running, and she could feel the wind hitting her hair from the power of the gunshot from less than five feet away from the car.

(Martin is incorrect in stating that Rodger was not alone.) Bicyclist Nick Pasichuke later recalls being struck by Rodger’s car:

There was a guy driving a BMW. [H]e aimed his car at our group of friends and gunned it into us. I have two broken legs and need surgery. The police said I flew roughly 50 feet into a busy intersection. This is all so crazy.

Other witnesses later say that Rodger yells at his victims as he shoots at them.

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