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1 Jul, 2013

Lavigne, Kroeger marry


Lavigne and Kroeger  marry in the South of France. The Château de La Napoule, a reconstructed medieval castle on the Mediterranean Sea, is the site of their wedding and reception.

I really wanted to wear a black wedding dress, so I met with Monique and I didn’t want it to be crazy and puffy. I didn’t want it to wear me… I wanted it to be gothic.

Avril Lavigne & Chad Kroeger Spill Wedding Details PART 2 | Interview | On Air with Ryan Seacrest

15 Jan, 2006

Lavigne, Whibley marry


Lavigne marrys Whibley in a private estate in Montecito, California. They have 110 guests in attendance and her father, John, walks her down the aisle.

There’s going to be some love songs on there. That’s what I feel, so that’s what I’m going to end up writing.

TV show - Behind Avril and Deryck's WEDDING

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