Barack ObamaNarendra Modi

Bilateral talks

30 Sep, 2014

Modi meets with Obama at the White House for a bilateral discussion. The two democratic countries have been trying to rekindle a bilateral relationship that had been flagging. Obama:

We … reaffirmed that as two of the world’s largest democracies that we have so much in common it is critical for us to continue to deepen and broaden the existing framework of partnership and friendship that already exists.

The talk made no mention between differences in policy with Ukraine and Iran, nor any indications on how to stop the proliferation of nuclear weapons. Economics was the theme of the talk. Modi:

The President and I spoke about many of our common economic strategies.

However, there were no indications of reforming a tax law that has made investors reluctant to invest in India, and no mention of India’s refusal to honor a new World Trade Organization pact unless the organization addresses Delhi’s issues with food security.

Barack Obama and Narendra Modi - Joint Briefing from White House

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