Barbara Corcoran

San Jose Mercury News Q&A

6 Aug, 2014

Corcoran discusses how startups have an advantage over incumbents:

Being a little guy, you have the corner on creativity over the corner on money that the big guy has. I learned that when I was starting the business and in those early years, when I got very intimidated by the fact that the real estate brokerage field was owned by men who inherited the business from their father, and they had access to cash all the time. I felt, how could I compete, how could I beat them at the game? I soon found out that while they were having a new idea, passing it through a committee, vetting it with their attorney, checking out with their accountants to see how much it could cost, I could be out the gate with a new idea, throw it against the wall and try it. That was largely responsible for pushing my company ahead.

And how she mentors her Shark Tank investments:

My worst entrepreneurs listen to everything I say and do it that way. My best entrepreneurs listen to me and do as they please.

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