Ben Affleck

Good Will Hunting

5 Oct, 1997

ben-affleck-good-will-hunting-poster-hdAffleck co-stars as Chuckie Sullivan in the Gus Van Sant-directed Boston location drama, based on a screenplay he wrote with Matt Damon, who plays Will Hunting. As Will attempts to find himself, Chuckie encourages him to use his intellectual talents and mathematical ability to seek a better life. He tells Will that it is an insult to waste his intelligence as a university janitor and says that although they are best friends, he hopes one day he will stop by Will’s apartment for a beer and he will no longer be there. Also starring Robin Williams, Minnie Driver, Stellen Skarsgard, Cole Hauser, and Casey Affleck. On shooting in Boston:

It was enormously satisfying, particularly — even this context to the screenplay, it was really satisfying to write locations that you know, places that you know, people that you know. And then to go back and shoot there was really rewarding. We were able to get people to work there, family and friends would stop by the set, it was a really nice experience, it was really just — it was kinda, the local boys made good.

Ben Affleck talks to Joe Leydon about "Good Will Hunting"

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