Ben Affleck


Oct 1995

Affleck plays Shannon, the manager of the mall’s Fashionable Male outlet in Mallrats. Throughout the Kevin Smith-directed comedy, he frequently clashes with Brody (Jason Lee) and TS Quint (Jeremy London) over their lifestyle as mallrats, and eventually beats Brodie in a fight. Shannon also attempts to take advantage of Brody’s ex-girlfriend, Rene (Shannon Doherty) after their breakup. Co-starring Joey Lauren Adams, Jason Mewes, Kevin Smith, Clare Forlani and Stan Lee. On playing an alpha-male villain:

I really liked Clerks and the screenplay of Mallrats, believe it or not, depending on what you think of the movie. It was actually uproariously funny. I really wanted to do it.

Mallrats Official Trailer #1 - Ben Affleck Movie (1995) HD

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