Ben Kingsley

The Boxtrolls

21 Sep, 2014

In this comedy, directed by Graham Annable and Anthony Stacchi, Kingsley plays Archibald Snatcher. Snatcher is an evil exterminator who is planning to defeat the subterranean trolls. Meanwhile the trolls are going to fight back with the help of Eggs, their new friend. Co-starring Jared Harris and Nick Frost.

Archibald Snatcher is desperate to wear a white hat and eat cheese with the greatest in the city. Those who run the world wear white hats and eat special cheese. And he wants to join this club that constantly, constantly rejects him, until he finds a way of blackmailing them into saying, “Okay, this town’s about to be overrun and destroyed’ — It could be called a pre-emptive strike, actually.

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