Benedict CumberbatchFilm Appearance

War Horse

25 Dec, 2011

Takes on a role in War Horse –  the live action movie based on the stage play of the same title. The story follows a horse named Joey that is trained by a young boy – Albert – until he is eventually sold away into the British calvary during World War I. Cumberbatch plays the role of Major Jamie Steward, a British calvary officer that leads a failed charge into a German camp.

He’s a Major in the North Somerset yeomanry and he rides atop this huge, hot, hot-blooded horse. […] Like the stage play, you get into the horses’ minds through the journey of the horse and their relationships with the human beings that relay them throughout this incredibly complex, unbelievable, voluminous story of the first World War.

The film was a box office success and was nominated for six Academy Awards (including Best Picture), two Golden Globe Awards and five BAFTAs.

War Horse - Official Trailer [HD]

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