Andrea ConstandBill CosbyBruce Castor

DA wanted to arrest Cosby

18 Nov, 2014

Castor, who was the DA of Montgomery County at the time that Andrea Constand claimed Cosby drugged her and sexually assaulted her at his Pennsylvania home in January 2004, tells The Daily Mail he wanted to arrest Cosby, but did not have enough evidence.

I wanted to arrest Bill Cosby because I thought he was probably guilty, but being able to prove anything beyond a reasonable doubt and thinking he’s probably guilty are two different things. We knew back then that other woman had come forward, but even if they did it didn’t mean anything for our case as none of those cases resulted in charges and were remote in time. The lady who was allegedly attacked waited a year before she reported it. As a result of that delay, any possible corroborating physical evidence was unavailable to us. We couldn’t test for hairs, fibers, DNA and drugs in her system that might match those at Mr Cosby’s house. We didn’t have any corroborative evidence.

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