Bill CosbySabrina AmbraShawn Wasson

Hecklers offered $1000

21 Nov, 2014

Ambra and Wasson, hosts of the radio show, The News Junkie, will pay $1000 for audience members to stand up during the Cosby’s Florida performance, yell something about the sexual assault allegations against him, and videotape their heckling.

The plan is to confront Cosby and force him to address the rape allegations that he has dismissed time and time again. We’re calling this ‘Operation: Cosby Spartacus.’ We’re doing this in hopes that multiple people in the audience will do what the mainstream media has failed to accomplish…We’ve gotten numerous emails and calls about participation and a lot of support from listeners and locals. We believe that Bill Cosby has successfully avoided addressing these allegations for more than 14 years, and we hope to put an end to that silence tonight.

Extra security will be on hand at the 2000 seat venue because of the anticipated protests.

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