Bobby Lashley

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11 Nov, 2011 interview


Lashley talks about his most memorable moments in WWE:

But then like I said to wrestle in a main event of Wrestlemania, the Super Bowl of wrestling and a great moment that I’ll never forget, but there are so many other ones like wrestling the likes of JBL, Booker T, Fit Finlay there were times when I was in the ring and I would look around and just think wow.

16 Jul, 1976

Bobby Lashley born in Junction City, KS


Lashley is born in Junction City, Kansas. He begins amateur wrestling in the seventh grade.

Well I started amateur wrestling in the seventh grade and I started because I played sports every season and there were no sports for seventh graders during the wintertime except wrestling. I tried it out and I was pretty good when I first started and I just got better from there.

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