Boko Haram

Prison break frees hundreds

7 Sep, 2010

Gunmen attack a prison in the city of Bauchi, freeing over 730 inmates and setting the facility on fire.  Most of the escapees were awaiting trial for their involvement in the failed 2009 uprising and are now believed to be hiding in nearby mountains.

A senior warden who was on duty during the jailbreak told VOA prison guards were quickly overwhelmed by what he called “a swarm of gunmen” at the main entrance…He says gunmen broke open all the cells and ordered all the prisoners to leave, even those not associated with the Boko Haram group.  The warden says he and several other guards escaped through a smaller entrance during the confusion at the prison, which is adjacent to Bauchi’s Central Mosque and in front of the Emir of Bauchi’s palace.

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