Boko Haram

Youths, security forces clash

3 Jan, 2004

A group of young men calling itself Hijrah or Taliban attacks the police station in Kanamma town, in the northeastern Nigerian state of Yobe, killing one policeman and setting the station and other public buildings on fire.  They then march to Geidam, seizing the police station there and chasing the policemen away.  The group, also known as Boko Haram, Khawaarij, Jamaa’atut-Takfir wal Hijrah, Yusufiyya or Jama’at Ahl us-Sunnah li’d-Da’wah wa’l-Jihad, then distributes leaflets describing their plan to carve an independent Islamic state out of Nigeria.

Before these attacks, the young men and their wives and children lived peaceably in the bush near Kanamma, as followers of sectarian Mohammed Yusuf, for about a year after they left Maiduguri.  When local residents complained, the group first agreed to leave the area, but now has attacked.

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