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Celtics 100-87 Pacers

1 Apr, 2015

The Celtics wins 100-87 against the Pacers. Olynyk scores 19 points, Turner scores a triple-double (13 points, 12 assists and 11 rebounds). Hill scores 21 points and Stuckey scores 16 points for the Pacers. Coach Stevens on Olynyk injuries:

He felt OK. It was more of a vision thing; how well could he see? He was saying he could see pretty well and the doctors felt pretty good about him playing. They stitched him up. I think it looked a little worse than it felt. I think that’s an obvious statement.

Olynyk on eye injuries:

When I first did it, I went in there and they told me I won’t be playing. Then when I went in to see the doctor, they wanted to dilate my eye, but your vision would be blurry. I told them not to, because I wanted to play. They sewed it up. I came back and wanted to give it a try.


It’s very frustrating,¬†Everything is on the line and we’re just blowing it away and giving it away.

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