Boston Marathon BombingsDzhokhar TsarnaevJudgement

Guilty on all 17 death penalty counts

8 Apr, 2015

The seven woman, five man Federal jury finds Tsarnaev guilty of all 17 counts that carry the death penalty. There are 30 counts in all: Twelve relate to the two pressure-cooker bombs used at the marathon. Three other charges dealt with conspiracy; another three covered the fatal shooting of Sean Collier. The final 12 apply to the time after Collier’s murder, including a carjacking, robbery and use of improvised explosives. The defense had argued that while Dzohkhar was involved, he was manipulated by his older brother, Tamerlan.

As Federal Judge O’Toole reads the verdict Tsarnaev stands emotionless with his hands folded, looking down at the defense table. The jury will now decide whether Tsarnaev receives a life sentence or the death penalty.

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