Bowe BergdahlAnnouncement

Platoonmates claim desertion

3 Jun, 2014

Three former members of Bergdahl’s platoon claim that on June 30, 2009, Bowe left his Afghanistan post without notifying anyone. They also note that he previously made comments about exploring the Middle East and his disappointment in the U.S. mission in Afghanistan. General Martin Dempsey says that the Army may investigate possible charges of desertion, among other violations.

Like any American, he is innocent until proven guilty.

If the Army recovers evidence of Bergdahl deserting his post, then he will get a court-martial. The U.S. is not at war with the Taliban, so he will not receive the death penalty given to deserters in that scenario. However, he may receive years of jail time, along with dishonorable discharge. Bowe is currently being evaluated at a U.S. hospital in Germany.

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