A Few Good Men

Cruise is Lieutenant Daniel Kaffe in the courtroom drama, A Few Good Men, directed by Rob Reiner. Two U.S. Marines receive a court martial for the death of a fellow Marine. However, the accused claim they were acting under orders. The Lieutenant defends the accused as their lawyer. Co-stars include Jack Nicholson and Demi Moore. […]

‘Right to be forgotten’ ruling

Google will comply with a European court ruling to remove links to certain online content. The rule protects individuals and requires search providers to remove links that an individual says violates their online privacy. The case was brought by Mario Costeja González, after he failed to remove an old auction listing that adversely affected his name. Within […]

Odd is on Our Side

Odd is on Our Side is the second Odd Thomas graphic novel, written by Koontz, Fred Van Lente and Queenie Chan. As Halloween festivities approach, Odd Thomas feels negative energy setting on the town. With the help of his girlfriend Stormy, Odd investigates whether the evil is simple mischief or malicious.

In Odd We Trust

In Odd We Trust, written by Koontz and Queenie Chan, is Koontz’s first Odd Thomas graphic novel. The novel is a prequel to the first Odd Thomas book. It follows Thomas as a 19-year old in California, who has psychic supernatural abilities that he keeps to himself until a child’s ghost reaches out to warn […]

Odd Apocalypse

Koontz publishes the fifth novel in the Odd Thomas series. Thomas and his female companion are invited as guests to a billionaire’s estate. While there, they notice strange behavior from the staff. The companion, who has supernatural abilities of her own, informs Thomas that the estate is very evil and someone within desperately needs his […]

Ride the Storm delay

Koontz announces that the final book of the Moon Bay Trilogy will be Ride the Storm, yet there is a delay in the release date. The third Chris Snow novel – after Fear Nothing and Seize The Night – will be written, God willing, but has been delayed because other ideas demand attention first. Ride […]

Odd Hours

After leaving the monastery, Thomas moves to Magic Beach. While there, he encounters a young, pregnant woman, Annamaria, who he’s been seeing in his dreams. Shortly after, they are pursued by two large men, who assault Thomas. Thomas flees to a local church and seeks the help of a Sheriff, yet finds himself in the […]

The Wall of Masks

The Bobbs-Merrill Company publishes the final novel under the Brian Coffey pseudonym. Mike Tucker and his team plan to steal mask relics, found in a Mayan ruin. During the heist, a local general unexpectedly appears and kills several heist crew. Tucker and a few surviving flee and must find their way out of the Mexican […]


Under the Brian Coffey pseudonym, Kontz publishes a sequel to Blood Risk. Mike Tucker joins a crew to rob a bank and jewelry store in a shopping mall. During the heist, the crew leader changes the plans, which interrupts the operation. The police become involved and Tucker must figure out how to escape with the […]

Brother Odd

Koontz publishes Brother Odd, the third installment of the Odd Thomas series. Seven months after Forever Odd, Thomas finds himself at the monastery in an attempt to find peace. However, a monk goes missing and Thomas must use his special ability to find him and prevent a foreseen disaster. Before writing Brother Odd, bioethicist Wesley […]

Forever Odd

Koontz releases the sequel to Odd Thomas, which takes place six months later. Odd’s childhood friend is kidnapped and Odd uses his psychic magnetism to track him down. The kidnappers are admirers of Odd, yet Odd finds them dangerous and plans an escape. Koontz says that as the book progressed, many themes arose. These include the power […]

Fear Nothing

Koontz publishes Fear Nothing, the first book in the Moonlight Bay Trilogy. The novel follows the life of Christopher Snow, who has a rare disease called Xeroderma Pigmento. Snow goes on an adventure to uncover a conspiracy within the Fort Wyven military base that involves intelligent animals and mutations who have escaped from captivity. On why he decided […]

Blood Risk

Under the pseudonym Brian Coffey, Koontz publishes Blood Risk. Professional thief, Mike Tucker, along with three others, prepares to complete their 14th operation. However, after the heist goes wrong, they find themselves in a war against the Mafia. Tucker must then perform a rescue mission. Koontz on the style of the book: The Brian Coffey books […]

Odd Thomas

The novel’s main character, Odd Thomas, is a short order cook who has the ability to communicate with the dead. Odd believes that a major catastrophe is about to occur and uses his supernatural abilities to investigate and try to prevent it. I wanted to write a story about someone who lives a very simple life–and lives a very […]

A Deeper Love Inside

Sister Souljah publishes A Deeper Love Inside as a sequel to The Coldest Winter Ever. The novel is told from the perspective of the protagonist Winter Santiaga’s sister, Porsche. Porsche goes to prison for assault, then returns to Brooklyn to find her sister and father in jail. She learns to be responsible and completes odd […]

Deeply Odd

A month after the events of Odd Apocalypse, Odd Thomas starts to receive visions of a future homicide. The visions are brought on after an encounter with a truck driver during his travels. He then investigates the truck driver to attempt to prevent the murders. Along the way, he meets various travelers who aid him […]

Odd Interlude

Odd Interlude is a three part e-book series, picking up after Odd Hours. After leaving Magic Beach, Thomas and companion, Annamaria, venture to the Pacific Coast. While there, all is well, until they encounter evil and lurking spirits among the town. Thomas investigates and finds that most of the townfolk are held under the control […]

Seize the Night

Cemetary Dance Publications releases two limited edition hard covers of Seize the Night. The book is the second in the Moonlight Bay Trilogy. Christoper Snow works to uncover the mystery of children disappearing in the town of Moonlight Bay. He believes the disappearances are connected to a town secret and investigates without cooperation from the local police. […]

Midnight and the Meaning of Love

Originally known as Midnight 2: Word is Bond, Souljah publishes the novel as Midnight and the Meaning of Love. Midnight gets married to a Japanese woman, who is then forcefully taken back to her country by her father. He sets off on a journey to retrieve his wife, along the way meeting influential characters. I would describe […]

Midnight: A Gangster Love Story

The prequel to Souljah’s The Coldest Winter Ever is published by Atria/Simon and Schuster. The main character, Midnight, leaves home in Sudan after his father’s wealthy empire is attacked. He settles in Brooklyn, New York and must learn how to survive in his new environment. Along the way he finds love with a Japanese woman named […]

House of Odd

Koontz, Walker and illustrator Chan collaborate on the third Odd Thomas graphic novel. In this installment, a Hollywood producer is recommended to Odd Thomas after a series of haunting events occur in his new home. As Stormy and Odd investigate the incidences, they clash with obnoxious TV ghost hunters, They eventually work together after a sinister […]

Prodigal Son

Prodigal Son is published as the first book in Koontz’s Frankenstein series. The character, Deucalion, is a reanimated seven-foot tall giant created by Victor Frankenstein. He sets out to find and destroy his creator, who changes his name to Victor Helios. On his mission, he finds that Helios is attempting to create a new race of those […]

City of Night

Koontz and Gorman collaborate to publish City of Night, the second novel in the Frankenstein series. Victor’s creations, that are similar to Deucalion, are born stronger and faster than imagined. One of the creations wants to replace human kind, so they overpower Victor and set loose on the town of modern-day New Orleans. Deucalion must set […]

Days of Thunder

Cruise plays Cole Trickle, an up and coming NASCAR racer in this car racing drama directed by Tony Scott. Trickle wants to win the Indianapolis 500 but faces obstacles, including lack of a proper car. A twist of fate allows him the opportunity to compete at the top level. The character of Cole is largely based off of […]


Cruise plays Brian Flanagan in the romantic drama Cocktail, based on the book of the same name by Heywood Gould. Flanagan leaves the Army to move to New York. When he realizes he has no experience for his dream job, he pursues a business degree. For work, he picks up bartending. His boss Douglas Coughlin (Bryan Brown) teaches […]

The Firm

Cruise plays Mitch McDeer in a film adaptation of John Grisham’s novel, The Firm, directed by Sydney Pollack. Mitch accepts a once in a lifetime opportunity at a law agency called The Firm. Soon, he is approached by the FBI, who have connected the agency to the mob. Mitch cooperates with the FBI, while maintaining his […]

Paths of Glory

Paths of Glory, based on Humphrey Cobb’s novel, is released in the U.S. Set during World War One, the film follows a French army unit as they complete various missions. The movie features Kirk Douglas, who plays Colonel Dax, a tough commander. When the unit refuses to complete a mission, the Army court martials them for non-compliance. Dax, […]

Z-2 design chosen

Technology, the futuristic sci-fi inspired suit, wins the public’s vote as the next design. Of the 233,431 votes, 63% chose this option. The suit features Luminex wires and patches that illuminate. The light patches will allow for easier crew identification. The suit also features upgrades for flexibility and safety, with long missions in mind. The […]

The Killing

Kubrick directs his first full-length feature, The Killing, a story of a racetrack robbery gone wrong. Unlike his previous projects, he partners with producer James B. Harris and shoots with a professional cast and crew. It does not make much money, but it gets good reviews. Kubrick comments on his vision for the movie: We are all […]

Z-2 suit design

In preparation for sending men to Mars, NASA designs a new prototype for a spacesuit. The company, ILC Dover will recreate Z-1 and Z-2 of the Z-series spacesuits, with emphasis on Z-2. The suit will be flexible in comparison to the bulky ones in current use. The flexibility will allow for easier walking, with adjustments […]

Time Magazine best invention

Time magazine lists NASA’s Z-1 spacesuit as one of the best inventions of the year. The suit, redesigned in silver, provides more flexible joints and radiation protections. The hatch on the back of the suit prevents dust from coming and and air from escaping.

Spacesuit voting

NASA turns to the public to vote for the Z-2’s spacesuit design. The first option is called Biomimicry, which mimics the creatures found in Earth’s deepest oceans. The second option is called Technology, which has a futuristic look. The third option is called Trends In Society, which resembles clothing. All three suits contain strips of glowing […]

Google Auto Link

Google introduces Google Auto Link (GAL), an in-car system that will be able to sync with Google Android smartphones. The system will rival Apple’s current Apple Car Play. It is the first product developed under its new partnership with Open Automotive Alliance. The partnership includes Audi, Honda, General Motors, Hyundai and chipmaker NVIDIA Corp . […]

Medical app raises $7M

A Google Glass app for medical professionals raises more than $7 Million. The creator, a San Francisco start-up named Augmedix, gears the app towards doctors. It allows doctors to cut down on paperwork by recording their patients’ exams. Afterwards, the doctor can use voice commands to pull up information. By cutting down on paperwork, medical […]

Hangouts drawing tool

Google Hangouts adds the ability to draw in your chat window. The tool is similar to Microsoft Paint and allows drawings on blank canvas as well as over pictures. The addition is currently only available to Google+ users.

First certified partners

Google names its first certified partners for the Glass At Work program. These partners include APX, AugMedix, Crowdoptic, GuidiGO and Wearable Intelligence. The companies will work to integrate Google Glass for business as well as medical uses. APX Labs’ app will provide business professionals with real-time enterprise data. Augmedix will provide medical professionals with a […]

Open Automotive Alliance

Google creates the Open Automative Alliance to bring the Android system to cars. The companies in the alliance include Google, GM, Honda, Audi, Hyundai and Nvidia. The group’s focus is to integrate Android into the entertainment system. They will develop new features that will allow developers to add car modes to the apps. The alliance […]

Doodle competition winner

Audrey Zhang of New York wins the Google Doodle art contest. Zhang’s drawing will be animated and displayed on the search engine’s homepage. The doodle, entitled Back to Mother Nature wins out of 100,000 submissions. The scene shows a system that can convert polluted water to clean water for both humans and animals. About her […]

IXS Enterprise

NASA commissions for the design of a spaceship that can travel faster than light, or “warp drive.” The ship, named IXS Enterprise, resembles NASA’s current space shuttle and Star Trek’s Enterprise. Mark Rademaker, the ship’s visual designer, also designed the Star Trek ship. The spacecraft is however larger than his previous design. He says his […]

Donates $100,000

In a joint project with Code Club and Technology Will Save Us, Google donates $100,000 towards children’s tech education. The funds will allow children to learn the basics of technology and build their own game consoles for just $100. Currently, the program is available only for 900 children. These children will receive assemblly help from […]

Google My Business

Google announces a new tool for business owners called Google My Business. The tool allows businesses to update all of their information in one system. After information is input, the app populates it in Google Search, Google Maps and Google+. This helps businesses get found more easily in the search engine. The app also provides […]

Satellite design

NASA is building a satellite that will explore moon oceans. The technology will be able to survey planets and also send instruments, unlike current technology that can either do one or the other. The first destination may be Jupiter’s moon, which researchers speculate holds water. The satellite, which will be the size of a milk […]

Saucer test run

NASA test runs a flyer saucer prototype that they will use to send to Mars. The saucer’s job is to land items and astronauts onto Mars. The agency partners with the U.S. Navy’s Kuaai location during the process. During the launch test, the winds were too disruptive as the helium balloon carried the saucer above […]

U.S. release

In the United States, Scholastic Publishing releases Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. The name changes from Philosopher to Sorcerer in the belief that it will be more appealing to children. Beth Puffer, manager of the Bank Street Bookstore in New York City: When the Potter books first came out, we didn’t know they would […]

Harry Potter and the Philosoper’s Stone

Bloomsbury releases Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by J.K. Rowling in the UK. The book is about a young orphan boy who learns that he’s a wizard, thus opening him up to an underground magical world. Along the way he becomes best friends with characters, Ron Weasley and Hermoine Grainger. He also learns of the […]

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Rowling releases the second novel in the series in the UK. In this novel, Harry is a student at Hogwards School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. All is well until students who are not from all-magical families come under attack by an unknown assailant. Harry, Ron, and Hermoine investigate the attacks and delve into the story behind […]

Prisoner of Azkaban

The third novel is released in the UK. Harry, Ron, and Hermoine investigate Sirius Black, an escaped prisoner who may have ties with the villian, Lord Voldemort. The book sells 68,000 copies in 3 days. Out of the five books I’ve published, writing Azkaban was the easiest, and in some ways I think that shows.

Harry Potter and the Order Of The Phoenix

The novel is released to fans in the U.K., United States and Canada. Within a day, five million copies are sold. In the novel, Potter faces many challenges that include exams, a school take over by the Wizarding government and a return of nemesis, Lord Voldemort. Potter partners with The Order of the Phoenix, a rogue team […]

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

The final novel of the Harry Potter series is released in the U.S., UK and Canada. Potter continues to search and destroy items that will help to kill Lord Voldemort and prevent another return. He also learns the truth about his past and the history of several main characters. The novel ends the series with a […]

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

The sixth installment is released in various countries and sells 6.9 million copies on its first day. In Potter’s sixth year at school, he stumbles upon a mysterious textbook annotated by a person named the Half-Blood Prince. Potter searches for the book’s owner as well as a memory that may aid in defeating the dark […]