Dean Koontz

Deeply Odd

28 May, 2013

A month after the events of Odd Apocalypse, Odd Thomas starts to receive visions of a future homicide. The visions are brought on after an encounter with a truck driver during his travels. He then investigates the truck driver to attempt to prevent the murders. Along the way, he meets various travelers who aid him on his mission to strop the truck driver and the team of murderers who plan to commit heinous crimes.

Deeply Odd is the sixth in a 7-book life arc for Odd….I’ve always enjoyed novels in which characters are on the move a lot. There’s a sense of freedom in them, a constant freshening of the narrative. I’ve written a few of them myself–Dark Rivers of the Heart Relentless, By the Light of the Moon, to name a few–but this is the only one in the Odd series.

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