Bowe Bergdahl

Politicians retract support

4 Jun, 2014

Upon Bowe’s release, several politicians gave their support via Twitter. Rep. Mark Amodei says,

Best news I’ve heard in a long time!

while GOP Senate Joni Ernst says,

US Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl freed after being reported missing 5 yrs in Afghanistan. Thoughts & prayers go out to Sgt. Bergdahl & his family.

Democrat Rep. Stephen Lynch also showed support, posting,

 Great to hear that Bo Bergdahl has been released from captivity in Afgh/Pak. Warmest regards to his family with gratitude for his/their service and sacrifice.

It has been found that those three posts were eventually deleted from their respective accounts. Other politicians have also followed suit. When Rep. Lee Terry’s team is  questioned concerning his deleted posts, they state that the information that surfaced concerning Bowe and the exchange were troubling, and they believed it appropriate to remove them.

Some politicians have been vocal about their disagreement with the hostage swap, such as Sen. Ted Cruz who finds it disturbing. Rep. Buck Mckeon has voiced that, to many people, Obama has broken the law by not informing Congress appropriately before taking action. Mckeon’s committee, the House Armed Services Committee, plan to hold hearings to discuss the hostage exchange.

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