Bowe Bergdahl

Six soldier deaths

4 Jun, 2014

In addition to desertion, military troops also claim Bergdahl cost the lives of six U.S. soldiers. These soldiers were a part of the mission to retrieve Bergdahl. Staff Sergeant Clayton Bowen and Private 1st Class Morris Walker died in a roadside bomb. Staff Sergeant Kurt Curtiss was shot and died from his wounds while supporting Afghan security forces. Second Lieutenant Darryn Andrews died in an explosive attack to his vehicle. Staff Sergeant Michael Murphrey and Private 1st Class Matthew Martinek both died from their wounds after an explosive attack.

Pentagon officials currently lean towards not charging Bowe with violations, as they feel his five- year captivity was enough. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel says that the priority is to asses Bowe’s health and to reunite him with his family.

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