Brad PittFilm Appearance


14 May, 2004

Pitt stars in this epic war film based on Homer’s Illiad. As the demigod Achilles, he leads the Greek army to war against the Trojans because of a bet that involved Prince Paris of Troy and Helen, the wife of the Spartan king Menelaus. He challenges Paris’ brother Hector to single combat, kills him, and drags his corpse back to the Greek camp. The film also stars Brendan Gleeson, Eric Bana, Orlando Bloom, and Diane Kruger. On his character:

There’s a real telling line when he says, ‘I want what all men want. I just wanted more.’ There’s a real restlessness, and as I say, an isolation in the guy. Whether he’s running from death, or trying to find himself in a personal glory, he’s at a point where he’s had that glory and that… that hasn’t done it for him.

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