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Britney Spears

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29 Apr, 2015

Hurts ankle


Spears falls onstage during her Las Vegas show and hurts her ankle.

 Thank you for all of the sweet wishes. Had a little scare on stage tonight with my ankle but I’m ok.

1 Jan, 2015

Women’s Health cover

Magazine Cover

britneySpears appears on the cover of the January/February issue of Women’s Health. Spears discusses getting her body back after having two kids.

After I had Jayden, it was real easy for me to get back in shape. But five years later, I started noticing changes in my body. My hips are a little bit wider because I’ve had kids. So it was crucial for me to be continuous with my exercise. Daily exercise is important for me both mentally and physically. I don’t mind working out. Trainers keep you motivated, but I didn’t have a problem being motivated.

2 Sep, 2014

Spends $30k on her dogs

britney-spears-dogSpears spends close to $2000 on clothes for her Maltese and Yorkie. She also drops another $5,205 for dog sitting and pet food. Conservatorship legal documents:

Britney bought 2 tiny pups in 2013 that came with enormous price tags — more than $13K for both of them!

15 Aug, 2014

Dine and dash

Spears accidentally leaves The Cheesecake Factory before paying for her meal. She thought her security paid for it and her security thought she paid for it. Spears went back into the store and paid the $30 bill  and left the waitress with a $100 tip. Source:

She feels terrible about the mistake.

1 Aug, 2014

Launching lingerie line in London


Spears will launch a lingerie line for Change Lingerie next month in London. Her line will be comprised of: lingerie sets, vintage-inspired bustiers and kimonos, and lounge wear like jersey camisoles, shorts and sweatpants. For one month the line will be available online exclusively at ASOS.com, and then it will be available at  www.intimatebritneyspears.com. Spears says:

Every woman should feel confident and beautiful in everything she puts on. My vision for The Intimate Britney Spears is to create pieces that are sexy, luxurious, and comfortable at the same time. I am excited to introduce this collection because I feel that we accomplished exactly that

8 Jul, 2014

Alien leaks

An unedited version of Spears’ track Alien leaks. The unedited version is a warmup of Spears’ vocals and was never meant to be released. Spears’ producer, William Orbit:

I’d like to affirm that ANY singer when first at the mic at the start of a long session can make a multitude of vocalisations in order to get warmed up. Warming up is essential if you’re a pro, as it is with a runner doing stretches, and it takes a while to do properly. I’ve heard all manner of sounds emitted during warm-ups. The point is that it is not supposed to be shared with millions of listeners.

13 May, 2014

Extends Vegas residency

Spears announces that she will be extending her residency in Las Vegas through February 2015. The extension includes more than 30 additional dates of the Britney: Piece of Me shows she will perform at the Planet Hollywood.

8 Dec, 2013

Britney Spears interview

Seacrest interviews Spears during On Air With Ryan Seacrest and asks her what her all time best Christmas present is.

I think my best Christmas gift I ever got was when my parents surprised me with my go-kart inside my playhouse. I had no idea! I got all my gifts for Christmas and I didn’t get the Go-kart, so I was a little bummed. So, we went inside my playhouse to put all my gifts inside my playhouse and my go-kart was in there. I was so excited! I was ecstatic.

4 Nov, 2013


Single Release

Spears releases her single, Perfume, from her album, Britney Jean. The single represents the thoughts and feelings of an unsure lover. Spears sings:

I want to believe it’s just you and me/ Sometimes it feels like there’s three of us in here, baby.

8 May, 2013

Shape cover

Magazine Cover

1368029805_britney-spears-shape-articleSpears appears on the cover of the June 2013 issue of Shape magazine. She talks about how she feels about being 30 and fit.

I like it, then again, I hate it. I’m in my 30s now, so I have to work harder to keep it up. Dieting is tough … because my specialities are spaghetti, brownies and chocolate chip cookies.

11 Jan, 2013

Leaves X Factor

Spears confirms she is leaving the The X Factor judging panel. She says the decision was a tough one and that she had an “incredible time doing the show,” but that is was time to start recording more music.

I can’t wait to get back out there and do what I love most

18 Oct, 2012

Buys $8.5 million mansion

britney-thousand-oaksSpears and Trawick buy an $8.5 million dollar home in a private community in Thousand Oaks, CA. The 8,456 square foot home is 16 miles from Spears old mansion in Calabasas. The mansion has 5 bedrooms, 7 baths, wine cellar, home theater and massive infinity pool. Source:

Britney made the move because she’s starting a new life with fiance Jason Trawick … and wants to be in a new home in a secure location.

12 Sep, 2012

Britney Spears interview

Seacrest interviews Spears during On Air With Ryan Seacrest and asks her if it will be hard to say no to contestants of American Idol.

There were the ones that would come on and they really thought that they had it. You could see it in their eyes how believable they were about it. It’s just really hard and it would break your heart to tell them no.

6 Dec, 2011

Spears, Trawick engaged

Spears announces engagement to Jason Trawick. Spears hinted at the news of her engagement via Twitter before confirming the news. The couple has been dating for more than one year and Spears says she is excited to walk down the aisle again.

1 Oct, 2011

Glamour UK cover

Magazine Cover

BSpears_GL_9sep11_410Spears appears on the cover of the October 2011 issue of Glamour UK magazine. She talks about turning 30, her love life, and Prince William.

I’ve gone through stuff, but it’s made me a better person.

22 Jun, 2011

I Wanna Go

Single Release

Spears releases her video for her single, I Wanna Go, from her album, Femme Fatale. The video opens with a press conference where they ask the star questions such as:

Is it true you banned junk food, smiles, candy, sunshine and laughter from your Femme Fatale Tour?


Can you confirm reports that you’re pregnant with Brad Pitt’s love child?

16 May, 2011

Harper’s Bazaar interview


Spears gives an interview to Harper’s Bazaar Magazine about her worst fashion moment.

Ten years ago at the Billboard awards, I wore this orange hat and orange bra and orange booty pants and purple fishnets. Oh, and I had an orange jacket on. It wasn’t Halloween. I actually thought I looked hot at the time. But, um, I definitely stood out. I thought it was just a marvelous idea to wear this purple and orange outfit; it was like high school colors. I was a cheerleader for a school I didn’t know. People were talking about it, but not in a good way.

25 Mar, 2011


Single Release

Spears releases her single, Criminal, from her album, Femme Fatale. The video for the single was shot in London with her real-life boyfriend, Jason Trawick.

3 Mar, 2011

Till the World Ends

Single Release

Spears releases her single, Till the World Ends, from her album, Femme Fatale. The song’s writer, Kesha reveals:

I consider myself a songwriter before and above everything else, so it’s an honor to write for one of pop music’s biggest icons. And I hope it gets everyone’s ass on the dance floor cuz y’all know that’s what K-Monay does best!

6 Jul, 2010

Cosmopolitan cover

Magazine Cover

1278445715_brit-cosmo-lgSpears appears on the cover of the November 2010 issue of Cosmopolitan magazine. She talks about how she isn’t looking forward to explaining to her kids about sex.

I’m dreading the moment when my sons ask me how babies are made.

2 Dec, 2008

If U Seek Amy

Single Release

Spears releases her single, If U Seek Amy, from her album, Circus. The Parents Television Commision is angered that the song is getting airplay due to its content. PTC president Tim Winters voices his opinion:

There is no misinterpreting the lyrics to this song, and it’s certainly not about a girl named Amy. It’s one thing for a song with these lyrics to be included on a CD so that fans who wish to hear it can do so, but it’s an entirely different matter when this song is played over the publicly owned airwaves, especially at a time when children are likely to be in the listening audience.

26 Sep, 2008


Single Release

Spears releases her single, Womanizer, from her album, Circus. In the video for the song, Spears is seen in various states of undress and playing several different characters.

18 Jul, 2008

Federline gets sole custody

Federline is awarded sole custody of his two sons with Spears. She is allowed two visits and one overnight per week with Preston, 2 1/2, and Jayden, 1 1/2. It took two years before a settlement on custody was reached. Spears attorney:

Britney’s doing great. She’s very pleased with the settlement. The kids are with her right now.

21 Jan, 2008

People cover

Magazine Cover

britneySpears appears on the cover of People after she refused to hand her children over to their dad for visitation. Spears locked herself inside her home to prevent her children being taken. Any ambulance was called and Spears was transported to the hospital for a possibly bipolar disorder. Source:

The images of her from the ambulance startled everyone who knows her. She looked manic. Her family is terrified. Everyone has been worried for some time. Her world has been crumbling around her.

4 Jan, 2008

Loses visitation rights

Spears loses her visitation rights after she locks herself in a room with one of her children at her L.A. home. She refuses to hand her son over to ex-husband Federline. Spears has to attend a 72 hour lockdown for a mental evaluation. After an emergency hearing Commissioner Scott Gordon writes:

[Federline] is awarded sole legal custody and sole physical custody of the minor children…visitation with the minor children is suspended pending further order of the court.


The LAPD is not planning to file any charges against Ms. Spears at this time.

2 Dec, 2007


Single Release

Spears releases her single, Radar, from her album, Blackout. Director Dave Meyers about Spears:

She was in a really good head-space and open to trying new things, and I wanted to try some new things with her too. It kind of was a great celebration of trusting one another. … Now we’re sort of both seasoned in our own rights, so it’s like two people coming back together, trying to do something fresh and new … seeking out an actual different technique and stylistic choices and trying to find a form to celebrate them in.

21 Feb, 2007

Break the Ice

Single Release

Spears releases her single, Break the Ice, from her album, Blackout. One of the songwriters, Keri Hilson, tells about the single:

It’s about two people, a girl and a guy,and the girl is saying, ‘You’re a little cold. Let me warm things up and break the ice.’ Here, Spears’ breathy vocals are layered, so that she’s singing, ‘Hot hot hot — ahh,’ on top of the chorus, and stopping the song à la Janet Jackson to say, ‘I like this part. It feels kind of good.’

8 Nov, 2006

Spears, Federline divorce


Spears files for divorce from Federline. The couple have been married for two years, but Spears cites reasons for divorce were “irreconcilable differences.” CNN says Spears is not seeking spousal support in the divorce, but has asked for sole custody of her two sons with Federline. 

12 Sep, 2006

Jayden James Federline born


britjaydSpears and Federline welcome their second son in the world. Jayden James Federline was born just before 2 a.m at a Los Angeles hospital, was delivered via a scheduled C-section. Source:

Kevin had a smile on his face. He looked happy and upbeat.

16 Aug, 2006

Expecting second child

britpregSpears and Federline are expecting their second child together. Spears admitted that the pregnancy wasn’t planned. Spears first child is 11 months old and she is currently eight months pregnant. They couple doesn’t know what the sex of the baby is yet.

It just kind of happened. I’m going to wait a while for the next one!

29 Sep, 2005

Sean Preston is born


britseanSpears and Federline welcome their first child into the world. The baby was born by Caesarean section at the UCLA Medical Center in Santa Monica, Calif., with Federline in the delivery room.

We are ecstatic to announce the birth of our son! Everyone is happy, healthy and doing wonderful. Thank you for all your love and well wishes!!

12 Apr, 2005

Expecting first child

britneySpears and Federline confirms that they are expecting their first child together. The singer is reportedly three months pregnant.

The time has finally come to share our wonderful news that we are expecting our first child together.

18 Sep, 2004

Spears, Federline marry


britney-spears-kevin-federline-weddingSpears and Federline get married in Studio City, California. Spears and Federline originally planned to get married on October 18th but the stress of the paparazzi made the couple want to get married sooner. Their friends and family don’t know they are getting married until minutes before the ceremony.

I’m just kind of happy that we pulled off the whole thing.

13 Jan, 2004


Single Release

Spears releases her single Toxic  from her album In the Zone.

It’s basically about a girl addicted to a guy. I really like Toxic. It’s an upbeat song. It’s really different, that’s why I like it so much. This villain girl, she’ll do anything to get what she wants. She goes through different obstacles.

4 Jan, 2004

Spears, Alexander marry for 55 hours


Spears invites her childhood friend, Jason Alexander, to Las Vegas and, shortly after partying at the Palms Casino hotel, they take a limo and get married at the Little White Wedding Chapel. Spears wears a baseball cap and jeans and allows the hotel bellman to walk her down the aisle. No friends or family attends.

Only 55 hours after the marriage Spears ends the marriage with an annulment which said Spears:

Lacked understanding of her actions to the extent that she was incapable of agreeing to the marriage.

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