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Brock Lesnar is a professional fighter, wrestler and mixed martial artist currently signed to WWE. He is best known for his time with the company and UFC.

7 Jun, 2016

Respond’s to McGregor’s PPV boast


In an interview with ESPN’s SportsCenter, Lesnar responds to McGregor’s boast that he has the largest PPV views.

I don’t know him. I know of Conor McGregor. This sport has evolved even from when I first entered the octagon. I think people are finding out that you have to talk the talk, and you have to more importantly, you have to walk the walk. For guys that can talk and walk the walk, I think it’s great. I think it’s great for the company. I’ve got no qualms with anybody. If somebody wants to state that they’re the biggest pay-per-view draw in the world, I don’t care…I’ve never come out and said, ‘I hold the most pay-per-view buys.’ All I know is what I got paid and I’m happy. Like I said, I’m a prize fighter. I don’t hang my championship trophies on the walls because they don’t pay the bills…The true competitor in me is still alive and well and I have to do this. At the top of my career, I wasn’t at the top of my game. I feel like I was cheated out of my career in the UFC. In my mind and in my heart, I never lost to a foe. I never lost to my opponent. I lost to diverticulitis. That was my opponent who beat me.

WWE's Brock Lesnar Will Fight Mark Hunt at UFC 200 FULL INTERVIEW

18 Aug, 2014

TMZ interview


TMZ catches Lesnar outside a Los Angeles steakhouse. Lesnar comments on the WWE having two championship belts.

I ain’t carrying two belts around. Are you kidding me? That ain’t happening.

5 Aug, 2014

Comments on Lesnar UFC return


Heyman sits down with The MMA Hour  to discuss Lesnar’s possible UFC return. Heyman declines rumors and claims Lesnar is currently happy with WWE.

I think he’s very, very happy right now with what we’re doing in WWE, It’s not a subject he has to think about. If the deal ends up over in WWE, if a change of circumstances happens, and if it’s a no-brainer to get him back into the cage, I’m sure it’s something he’d consider. Right now, it’s not a topic of conversation. Why would you mess up the WWE deal?

17 Jun, 2013

L.A. Times interview


Lesnar talks about realism in the ring for WWE:

That’s what you get when you step in the ring with me. I’m always taking it to the next level. I don’t want to ever intentionally hurt someone, because it is pure entertainment. You want to portray things so they look real. We’re selling tickets and things to people, we’re selling entertainment. The guys that have got in the ring with me … they have to step up their game because of the intensity. I don’t have a governor switch … it’s wide open and you better hold on.

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