Bruce Willis

16 Blocks

3 Mar, 2006

In this crime thriller directed by Richard Donner, Willis plays Detective Jack Mosley, who is assigned the task of accompanying a criminal for sixteen blocks to a grand jury hearing. On the way, Mosley and the prisoner Eddie Bunker, played by Mos Def, are repeatedly ambushed and shot at by corrupt members of the police force who want to prevent Bunker from testifying. On repeatedly acting as a police officer in films:

These guys don’t get paid anything. Yet they go out there and do it and there’s not a lot of them out there, and they are the last line between us and the…chaos that’s out in the world. All these guys — cops, EMT workers, men and women, emergency room doctors and nurses and people that every night have to see horrific things — there should be thousands of films done about these guys. And they should get paid more money.

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