Bruce Willis

Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle

27 Jun, 2003

In this sequel to the action film Charlie’s Angels, Willis makes a cameo, uncredited appearance as Justice Department official William Rose Bailey. The three “Angels”- played by Drew Barrymore as Dylan, Lucy Liu as Alex and Cameron Diaz as Natalie – are on a mission to find two missing rings with the names of every member of a Witness Protection Program engraved on them. Director Joseph McGinty Nichol:

It’s a dream, I can’t lie. I pinch myself. You look over here on your right and there’s Lucy Liu in a dominatrix suit, Cameron and Demi are going toe-to-toe in a bikini, and Bruce Willis is doing a cameo. We’re having some fun. It’s just fun. I’m delighted to make pictures that Middle America is reacting to. That’s sort of what “Charlie’s Angels” should do and hopefully we’re delivering.

Charlie's Angels Full Throttle Trailer

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