Bruce Willis

Lucky Number Slevin

24 Feb, 2006

In this crime thriller directed by Paul McGuigan, Willis plays hit man Mr. Goodkat. Goodkat kills a gambler who owes money, and two rival crime bosses pursue an innocent man they mistakenly assume is the debtor. The film is full of twists and hidden agendas, which do not become clear until the very end. Costar Morgan Freeman:

Bruce is a jolly fellow and enjoys working. You can tell that he’s just happy to be there and I’m the same way. So he and I – we’ve been in the same movie before….We have the same sort of approach to work. Turn it on. Turn it off. And be sure to give the director and the DP the hardest time possible.

Lucky Number Slevin Official Trailer #1 – Bruce Willis Movie (2006) HD

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