Bruce Willis

Perfect Stranger

13 Apr, 2007

In this drama, Willis plays an advertising executive named Harrison Hill, who is suspected of murdering a woman. Co-star Halle Berry plays the victim’s friend Rowena Price, who decides to investigate the murder under the cover of a false identity. The film is directed by James Foley. Berry says about Willis:

When I got this movie, we talked about who would be the right Harrison Hill and who’s charismatic and charming. Men have to root for him and women have (think that) its okay (for him to be cheating). Simultaneously, we all said “Bruce Willis” and I said, “It’s funny—he’s my next door neighbor. Why don’t I just (give) him the script.” I did (give it him). I said, “Here, read this. If you love it, I’ve love for you to be in it. If you don’t, forget I ever came over here and I’ll never do this again.” In a day, he called back and said, “I love it. I really want to do it.”

Perfect Stranger trailer

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