Winklevoss TwinsBirth

Born in Southampton

21 Aug, 1981

The twins are born in Southampton, New York. Their parents have never told them who is older.

Their grandfather had an eighth-grade education, their great-grandfather thought Xerox machines were portents of evil, and in old age was fully hunched over after years of working in the Pennsylvania coal mines, alongside his own father, who died of black lung. Their mother’s (Carol) family were vaudevillians who lived canvas-covered flatbeds.

Their father, Howard Winklevoss Jr., went to Grove City College, where he studies accounting. He became a and professor at the Wharton School of Business. He becomes wealthy through Winklevoss Technologies, at $20 million annual revenue company that licenses actuarial software to Fortune 500 companies.

The are raised in Palo Alto until age 4, then go to Greenwich Country Day School before attending the Brunswick School for high school. They enjoy the classics in high school, studying Latin and Ancient Greek. 

After seeing how much their neighbor enjoyed the sport, Winklevoss and his brother began rowing during the freshman year of high school. Training at a local club in Westport, they eventually start the crew team at their high school. Cameron credits his father’s love of endurance sports and his high school coach for his positive motivation.

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