Charlize Theron


17 Oct, 2008

Theron plays Mary in the movie Hancock. Mary appears to be a normal woman until she reveals she has super powers. In a shocking plot twist, it is revealed that Mary was once married to Hancock and that she also is an invincible alien. She explains that when they are together, they lose their powers. But this rule is raped beyond recognition when the two past lovers start fighting each other for no reason; flying around Los Angeles, destroying buildings and creating comically dark tornadoes. Co-stars include Will Smith and Jason Bateman.

She points out that I’ve only seen half the movie, and that those looks she gives the Will Smith character are because she’s madly in love with him: I put myself out on a limb to create the chemistry between two characters. We see a woman who has the perfect family. She has to choose between husband and child, and unrealised love. It’s about a woman in love and in lust.

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Charlize Theron

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