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12 Apr, 2015

Pistons 116-77 Hornets

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Pistons win 116-77. Drummond scores a double-double (15 points and 19 rebounds) and Monroe scores 17 points. Vonleh scores a double-double (16 points and 12 rebounds) for the Hornets. Monroe on the team’s performance:

It’s crossed my mind, but I try to stay in the moment. This was a good win for me and my teammates.

Prince on the team’s tribute to his career:

To see that tribute, it pays that respect of what I’ve been able to accomplish. I’m very appreciative for it.

Clifford on eliminates from playoff contention:

There’s disappointment in not making the playoffs. We’ve got to put more into this game. With the injuries, we’re a little bit out-manned – that doesn’t mean we can’t win.

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