Christian Bale

American Hustle

13 Dec, 2013

In this comedy drama directed by David Russell, Bale plays Irving, who runs a modest dry cleaning business but also engages in counterfeit and a loan sharking on the side. After meeting the ambitious Sydney (Amy Adams) they soon attract the attention of an FBI agent who is eager to make a name for himself. He manipulates Irving into agreement to put their con skills to use for the bureau. Co-starring Bradley Cooper, Jeremy Renner, Jennifer Lawrence.

He’s the consummate con man who cons nobody with what’s happening at the top of his head, It’s like one ear throwing a lifeline to the other one, and nobody is fooled by it whatsoever. That is so much more interesting than playing [him] for some sort of slick character

American Hustle - Official Trailer - In Theaters December 20th

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