Christopher Dorner

Dorner gains access to Naval Base, tries to steal boat in San Diego

6 Feb, 2013

Dorner gained access this week to the Naval Base at Point Loma and stayed in a motel there.

Two sailors reported Dorner approached them Wednesday and spoke with them for about 10 minutes at a San Diego coastal riverine unit — a quick, small boat fighting team — where Dorner served in 2006. As a Navy reservist, Dorner held security jobs at that unit. The Navy is not certain whether Dorner still possesses any military identification he might try to use to enter a facility.

Investigators also said they believe Dorner tried to steal a boat from someone in San Diego, according to the LAPD. Dorner “was not successful, and he fled the location,” LAPD Chief Charlie Beck said.

A wallet containing Dorner’s identification and an LAPD detective’s badge was found near the San Diego airport, police said.

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