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25 Sep, 2015

Every Open Eye

Album Release
Every Open Eye

Chvrches release Every Open Eye, their second studio album, which is self-produced. The album’s title comes from the lyrics of the third single off of the album, Clearest Blue. Cook:

People don’t make albums any more. They make 11, 12 songs, and they put them out as an album but they feel like a greatest hits, or a playlist. I think I said that in reference to some contemporary pop albums that just sound like one radio hit after another. There’s no real ebb and flow, no sense of progression or telling a story, no exploration of multiple facets of an artist’s sound, just one attempt after another to deliver the hit. An album, in my opinion (and maybe this is an unfashionably traditional viewpoint), should have more breathing space, not be afraid to throw in some harder, darker, slower, longer pieces and explore a bit.

10 Sep, 2015

Clearest Blue

Single Release

Chvrches release the track Clearest Blue, the third single off their second studio album Every Open Eye. Doherty:

Clearest Blue was the 17th song we wrote, and it sort of informed the rest of the production. To me it came to define how the rest sounds. How is that? Well, it’s big and happy and sad and a banger.

CHVRCHES - Clearest Blue (lyric video)

12 Aug, 2015

Never Ending Circles

Single Release

Chvrches release Never Ending Circles, the second single from their album Every Open Eye. Mayberry:

When I look back at the first record, the songs I wrote about relationships on there were a bit more playing the victim kind of. I think there was a time and a place for that because that was what I was feeling at the time, but I guess now I feel a lot more positive about my personal life and I think it’s nice for me to be able to write about that as well as my bad experiences in a more assertive way.

CHVRCHES - Never Ending Circles (lyric video)

17 Jul, 2015

Leave A Trace

Single Release

Chvrches releases Leave a Trace, the first single from their second album Every Open Eye. Mayberry:

Leave a Trace is the middle finger mic-drop. It’s about that point where you’re like, There’s no point having this conversation anyways: There will be no resolve, I won’t feel better about it, you won’t feel better about it, no outcome from this will actually change my reality.

CHVRCHES - Leave A Trace (Lyric Video)

5 Nov, 2012

The Mother We Share

Single Release

220px-Chvrches_-_The_Mother_We_Share_-_2012Chvrches release their single The Mother We Share. The writing and producing of the song is a collaboration of all three band members—Lauren Mayberry, Iain Cook and Martin Doherty. Mayberry:

It was always very important for us that we presented ourselves as a band, because it’s a three-part writing process and it’s a three-part decision making process, it’s not two producer guys and a girl that sings the songs.

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