Cliven Bundy

Bundy family prepares for BLM

1 Apr, 2014

Bundy’s 14 children and 52 grandchildren, some too young to walk, gather at the family home waiting for the BLM to arrive. Bundy gives one interview after another to reporters and bloggers, and makes frequent phone calls to local and state officials. The BLM sets up two “First Amendment areas” in nearby Bunkerville. The areas are intended to house protesters. (BLM later says it made the decision to set up the “First Amendment” zones because of Bundy’s promise to “be more physical” with federal officials during any confiscation process.) Outside Bunkerville, Bundy shows what he calls the BLM’s “compound” to a reporter: corrals, bales of hay, portable lights and mobile communications towers. Bundy says he is sure “government snipers” have rifles trained on him, and that they are eager to kill him.

They’re only there for one person, and that’s me.

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