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Cliven Bundy

BLM agrees not to sell cattle in Utah

7 May, 2014

Federal officials agree not to auction Bundy’s cattle at a Richfield, Utah auction house after Utah lawmakers oppose the plan. Utah Governor Gary Herbert (R-UT) has previously asked the BLM to keep the Bundy dispute from spilling over into his state. Washington County, Utah Commissioner Alan Gardner says:

We don’t have a dog in this fight, and that’s why we want them to stay in Nevada.

Sevier County, Utah Sheriff Nathan Curtis says he worries about a public outcry if Bundy’s confiscated cattle are sold in Utah. Some of Bundy’s cattle have wandered on the range for so long without proper care or attention that they should be considered “feral,” says Washington County Commissioner Jim Eardley, and pose a health risk to Utah ranchers’ cattle. According to a resolution passed by Eardly and his fellow commissioners:

Feral cattle do not receive proper immunizations or other veterinary care. Feral cattle are likely to interbreed, and interbreeding of cattle creates numerous problems with maintaining a healthy and vibrant herd.

The resolution also asks county residents “to remain peaceful and abide by the law in any protest activities they may engage in regarding this or any other issue.”

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