Cliven Bundy

Militia members post Rules of Engagment

16 May, 2014

In a video, Nevada militia members tell one another to come to the Bundy ranch, advising them to bring bullhorns, body armor, side arms, pistols, ammunition, “more guns,” and other supplies. They also post their own “rules of engagement” to govern any firefights with law enforcement and federal officials:

Any offensive strike MUST be reserved for Day time!! (we can not hope to compete against their FLIR Systems, Thermal Imaging & Night Vision Capabilities at night) (!! Check Your Fire !! NO FRIENDLY FIRE !!) Hit from behind when ever possible. ! Aim ! and DON’T spray and pray ! Stay focused & calm ! Cover fire, move and give first aid to a brother in need !!

Revolution in Nevada to Save Cliven Bundy *MIRROR*

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