Colin FirthInterview

The Talks interview

2 May, 2012

Firth gives an interview to The Talks. He discusses the way people approach beauty, grooming and getting dressed, and his regrets.

I am very bad at those questions, I’m afraid, because it means you have to go through you entire life and try to pick something and I cannot possibly do that. Because I am an Englishman I spent most of my life in a state of embarrassment, so it is not really regret. I don’t regret anything very much. Philosophically I suppose I am quite good at believing that things lead you to where you are and that’s the way it is; you live with it and what has happened in the past is unchangeable. I consider myself very lucky in my life so there is nothing I would change really – but I do have a slight tendency to cringe at some of the memories.

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