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10 Apr, 2013

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau interview

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Coster-Waldau visits Conan to talk about Game of Thrones and being able to attend events that recognize the show. He also discusses why his character, Jamie Lannister, has been unkempt lately and also shares an awkward encounter with George Clooney.

I was dying – I just had to go to the restroom. And finally, it’s over and I’m just running out there and it’s packed with people. And all the urinals are taken, but then I spot – there’s stall there, the door was open, and “I’m gonna go, I’m not gonna let anyone get there”, because I was dying. And then this guy is in there, and then I just go for it – I didn’t know he was in there – the door was open. And so I just go for it, he was standing, I’m pretty sure there was spillage, and I said sorry, and he said sorry, and I go “Oh my God, that’s George Clooney.”

Jaime Lannister Looks Just Like Prince Charming From "Shrek" | CONAN on TBS

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