Conor McGregorGets Tattoo

Arabic tattoo meaning revealed

6 Jan, 2017

The Sun reveals the meaning of an Arabic tattoo that McGregor got on his leg during a drunken holiday in Ayia Napa, when he was 20. Previously, McGregor had claimed not to know the meaning.

This was when I was drunk. That was my first. It could mean anything. Arabic writing was the thing for a while, it was the cool thing to do. I was following the trend back then. Maybe one day I’ll get that covered up, I don’t know. I got it in Ayia Napa. It was like a party kind of… I was young and on holiday. It cost me €20.

According to the paper, the Arabic writing says ‘Cancer’, which fits McGregor’s star sign, which  is on July 14. The Cancer star sign runs from June 20 – July 22.



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