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Schilling: Diaz ‘humbled, humiliated’ McGregor

12 Apr, 2016

In an interview with MMA Underground Schilling talks about Diaz’s approach to fighting McGregor.

There is no way that any consummate professional is going to go out there and blow his wad in the first round – unless you’re Conor McGregor and you go out there and blow your wad in the first round…So, Nate’s game plan was to go out there, not get knocked-out, but not waste any energy, and pick up as the rounds went on, because you have to go five rounds. You look at Nick and Nate’s style of fighting – they don’t ever do that well in the first round. They set a pace and then they drown you in it and then by the third, fourth round, guys are shooting for takedowns because they can’t stand getting hit anymore.

On the upcoming UFC 200 fight:

It’s going to be the same fight. I think it’s so obvious the holes in Conor’s game, they were all over the place. I think the skillset that Nate has is far superior to Conor’s and Nate having a full training camp is just way different…if you’re in there with someone you look up to, and you’re intimidated by, and you’re scared of, and talking all this sh-t about, your adrenaline is going to get (expletive) really bad and you’re going to try and knock him out in the first round. And, you’re going to lose like it did the last time.

On McGregor’s “humble in victory and defeat” attitude:

No, he got humbled, and humiliated. There is a big difference between being humble, and being humbled. There’s a big difference.

Schilling "I don't understand why Dana credits Conor for being humble in defeat. No, he got humbled"

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